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  1. grumpy

    Jesus Christ the camera work on this video is amazing

  2. Fear the Fn beard


  3. Moon Manila

    Please let me win this time😊🙏🤞 TWITTER: @ArisMoon727

  4. Moon Manila

    Please let me win this time😊🙏🤞 TWITTER: @ArisMoon727

  5. Moon Manila

    NEBULA 4k is the definition of BIG TWITTER: @ArisMoon727

  6. Moon Manila

    NEBULA 4k is the definition of BIG TWITTER: @ArisMoon727

  7. Sajal Ahammed


  8. Akın Özer

    “Remember the Touch ID day’s?” Hmm I am crying with my iPhone 8 Plus.

  9. Fyrdauz D Ace

    For some reason, if you send photos you took from an Apple to a Samsung, the quality is still good. Unlike Samsung when you send to Apple, it’s like the colour and details are loss.

  10. AC Velo

    I watched this video to determine if I should upgrade from my 8 plus to a refurbished XS Max - instead you convinced me to stay with my 8 plus just a little longer

  11. Sujjal Stha

    yes, this is the flagship smart phone i have been waiting for... Twitter:@sujjalshrestha

  12. ParagonOriginal

    4800 a piece. BUT they are pretty AMAZING

  13. bernard adano

    @nBoY99...i cant comment on the pinned...😭😭😭

  14. Rishikesh Sreekumar


  15. Zalland Kasi

    I would never, ever, in a million years buy this... even if I become as rich as jeff bezos,

  16. bernard adano

    Hoping to win this time..

  17. Vik Acoustian

    Day by day i feel like this channel is getting lesser views

  18. BoutyDaShitnificent

    "wake up samurai" - in 2 fps

  19. Henry Woodlock

    How much does it cost,? 🙄😏😒🤔🤕

  20. リバイアライアン

    Its still runs current version and going for the iOS 16 for one more year after iOS 15.

  21. PLK


  22. Eldritch Griffin


  23. maxgamer 536

    I want one iPhone hhhhhhhhhhhh

  24. jw 041

    Lew lives in The Matrix. That's why his basement doesn't have an end

  25. knottingley Phone Repair

    basic budget console killer......

  26. Melvin Hart

    U still rocking the xs max

  27. Youtube Time

    Try Luck, Twt + Inst Id- youtubtime

  28. 7GPanda

    hahahahaha no no no for me hahahahahha

  29. Prateek Jain

    What's the track id at the start?

  30. Anu Bhav

    The sound is awesome 😝 the best

  31. Frank Burrus

    that beat is sick

  32. Bogdan Voicu & Anna Dima


  33. Xtreme_Gamer 1990

    Am still on iPhone 6’s. 🤦‍♂️

  34. Laith

    My Twitter:@laith_syrian

  35. Laith

    My Twitter:@laith_syrian

  36. Laith

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  37. Laith

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  38. Laith

    My Twitter:@laith_syrian

  39. Laith

    My Twitter:@laith_syrian

  40. fran alonso

    That physical feeling you got is the sound system feel i always get in dub parties and raves. It all comes from reggae. Walls of speakers that make you rumble. I miss It so much

  41. Laith

    My Twitter:@laith_syrian

  42. Laith

    My Twitter:@laith_syrian

  43. Laith

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  44. Laith

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  45. Laith

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  46. Laith

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  47. Laith

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  48. Laith

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  49. Laith

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  50. Laith

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  51. Laith

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  52. Laith

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  53. Laith

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  54. Laith

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  55. Laith

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  56. Laith

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  57. Laith

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  58. Laith

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  59. Meow Cat

    "But 120 is a lot more fun, obviously" @MeowCat1207

  60. Sheikh Humayun Kabir

    iPhone pro max of toaster..lol 🤑🤤

  61. Chris Wallace

    Ok this looks like a really nice phone but remember with great power comes great responsibility 😂

  62. Isharak vlogs

    Porsche panorama I actually have it and I think ima sell it what do you guys think

  63. Rahul Gaikwad

    I dont have twitter😶 here my Instagram - imrahoooool

  64. Rishit Shetty

    The thumbnail actually made me think they are Taycan's wireless chargers 😂

  65. Saura Sai

    He is annoying af;!!!! God

  66. The D D B

    not bad apple... people are liking it... if you know what i mean 💲

  67. Eleven XI

    Fk u lew

  68. William Su

    I wud buy it if it's half the price they doubled the pricing a year after launch event

  69. Eby Mathews

    Lew....my suggestion for charging Apple watch for an hour will be to go for a long bath and hot tub bath or relax yourself for an hour and a half and get your apple watch charged while you do that.....

  70. My Dad is Invisible

    Xiaomi blackshark 3 pro:Finnaly, a worthy opponent. Our battle would be legendary.

  71. Shadowkid229


  72. Tech Gamer



    I used to come here to find stuff that can be purchased by a normal consumer like me but now it's becoming more like a place listing the things that I can't afford or the cheapest crappy things that I wouldn't be interested in.. hmm.. what happened?

  74. Tarik Hopkins

    The setup is cool and its load for sure, but experience is not like the Phantom.

  75. prince o of darkness

    What kind of stand is it on

  76. ashan lee

    I have a refurbished iPhone X and really happy with it

  77. J Salazar

    @Eurisko75 looks nice

  78. Junaid haris

    Fake 🥴

  79. Jacques Vlaming

    m_vlaming <- twitter

  80. Subrata Dey

    My twitter is @subrodey .. best of luck to meeeeee