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    - "It's very laptoppy" Me: what a purist!

  2. Dhelpra 1234 Ean Sulaj

    AUSTIN EVANS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Leroy Mentor

    Transparent oled car windscreen that can highlight collision objects

  4. Kurœpi

    Set a reminder and i cant belive youtube didnt reminded me and i cant believe i miss it press f for me

  5. Fredrick Gulbranson

    I got mine done through *10ectools* on instagram his a legend ☑️

  6. Fredrick Gulbranson

    I got mine done through *10ectools* on instagram his a legend ☑️

  7. bowen voowy

    Omg!! U look amazing!!!?

  8. Barend le Roux

    I wish I could declare war on bixby!

  9. Moein Mirjalili


  10. dadarkvador24

    What is the name of the TV??

  11. Barend le Roux

    This is the app that made me dream of a 3310

  12. ༻ᑭคยᒪ๖ۣۜDн

    thats cool

  13. Moein Mirjalili


  14. Fox de Leon

    The stabilization is very good on the ultra ☺️

  15. Straw 17


    1. bowen voowy

      Very nice video...Great :)?

  16. Fernando Bernal

    Lets goo

  17. reCREATE

    12mp vs 108mp ! Hmm

  18. Arnulfo Hernández

    That was tough! How many users are even qualified to notice these differences anymore? 😂

  19. barryh13

    Can you see the flicker on the iPhone video? It is VERY noticeable. I am surprised nobody is commenting on it.

  20. Superwaffleslol

    Any cheap versions?

  21. Moein Mirjalili


  22. Yohanes Paschalis

    Hello Brother, which one is better : Samsung S21 Ultra or iPhone 12 Pro Max especially in low light & night mode conditions for photo stills & videos from selfie & rear cameras ? Thank you Brother 🙏🏻

  23. Dale Vinalon

    How about when doing a video conferencing?

  24. Greenpapa

    You guys have the best office soace of all content creators

  25. Shadowkid229

    Well there it is. That is all I need to know.

  26. Sidhan


  27. Ibrahim Farooquee

    I wanna get it but I got an xbox like a month before it was revealed :(

  28. Cody Bailey

    Anybody else not get a notification on this? I even had a reminder set

  29. Moein Mirjalili


  30. eSports playTime

    always galaxy ❤❤❤❤

  31. lea der

    Like if team SAMSUNG

  32. Mia Sas

    iPhone video with flickering gives me headaches and gets me dizzy.

  33. Shankar Bhagyawan

    Sir how much price please

  34. Ram Khiladi

    This is oppo one of the best phone really like this snd givaway

  35. Erhi Kadiri

    Pls I need the PS5 pls

  36. Moein Mirjalili


  37. the 12th avatar

    it all boils down to the ECOSYSTEM. hence, i’m staying with the iphone. but the cheaper and wider alternatives for the samsung ecosystem is tempting though!!! gosh!!!

  38. Gerrit Spaarkogel

    For almost 30K you haven’t 3D options!! I don’t cal it development and progress.

  39. The viper

    Hlo sir

  40. The viper

    Plx sir give me this ps5

  41. The viper

    Plx sir give me this x box series x

  42. Ap0c

    5 cameras is totally useless don't get me wrong, i never buy any crApple device ever. I love samsung, but 5 cams is retarded. Focus on other stuff. Do have to say this way umis the best way to compare. Nobody can fanboy about their brand.

  43. Moein Mirjalili


  44. Zokirkhujaev Abdulaziz

    Galaxy buds of course!

  45. Michael Mills


  46. Shahzad Ahmed

    i hope i win i dont win much

  47. Arsalan Farooq

    I am using Reno 4 Pro. And believe me. It's a beast phone for everyday usage.

  48. Chris Johns

    I subscribed though i never win lol. Great video

  49. Chama Shinde

    I missed it 😒

  50. Vito Corneja


  51. ThemysteriousG

    All these other tech-tubers saying iPhone has always dominated the phone video world, and then there's Lew.....

  52. Goods from Aliexpress

    Like 👍👍👍


    Ey budd great choice. I personally dont like EV but this taycan was a big eye opener with a very low battery it still lauches like a rocket ship. The looks are out of this world holding true to porsche, being an enthusiast i will always choose combustion. But i just hope we are still aloud to drive petrol cars. (Classics)


    I missed it

  55. KPR 3xd

    I can never catch one of these streams to win anything 😔

  56. One God, The Father and One Lord, Jesus Christ

    It's like lottery you will never win, but his friends wins it.

  57. Sanz Torres


  58. Yaish Meow

    is this guy in batmans secret base from the dark knight rises or?...

  59. kartik pro

    I want 2 iphone se for me and my little brother

  60. uchiha sasoritachi

    I was surprised that s21 ultra videos is better than iphone 12 promax. And apple gave better stealth shots wow. Thanks for this.

  61. Clark James Ramos

    What the honk KGup didnt remind me.

  62. shankar prathab

    you guys missed on portrait photos 2x in iphone most of them notified that. you should have cropped on samsung

  63. muhammed gaming shamali

    idk what a get???

  64. USMC Devildog

    Console killer but not console price sorry not rich you can have it

  65. GhO5T

    We all know that Apple pays you lots of money since 2 years ago to speak nice about them!!!!!

  66. Adam Wigley

    That was awesome 👌. I know I'm more Samsung sided, so I (like you) thought Samsung was on the left. When it was messing up I was making excuses and justifying lol

  67. lhry

    Might be useful for doctors with covid patients?

  68. Keith Byrne

    Nice tv love to win it

  69. Nor Sahal

    I just only use Dell G5 15 2019 Special Edition..GPU? RTX 2060 Mobile..(budget Alienware edition).. Edited: Not enough money to buy Alienware Area-51m R2(RTX 2080 Super Mobile[Non-MaxQ]) for me

  70. Monday Tanko

    Mine was permanently unlocked through KRIZTOOLS ON ĪÑSTÀGRĀM HIS A PRO

  71. Monday Tanko

    Mine was permanently unlocked through KRIZTOOLS ON ĪÑSTÀGRĀM HIS A PRO

  72. GhO5T

    He looked so disappointed when he heard that left is Iphone.....lol.......

  73. waffle sticks

    the fact that people are STILL fighting over brand they think is better 😭✋

  74. Dezerrick

    I always miss these.... sigh 😕

  75. Marcus Alison

    Am forever grateful to *jay_tech792* on Instagram he unlocked my iCloud he's legit and reliable

  76. Marcus Alison

    Am forever grateful to *jay_tech792* on Instagram he unlocked my iCloud he's legit and reliable

  77. GhO5T

    Have you paid top dollars from SCALPERS!!!!! Well done supporting SCALPERS!!!!!!!