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    Best detailed image's of the PlayStation 5 unboxing. 😍

  2. Utsav Ghimire

    Okay □ o ^ ×

  3. Rex

    No thanks mkbhd had his yesterday and is far less grating on my ears.

  4. Md. Alamgir

    Rip ps4

  5. chelley bee

    Ps. Micro USB sucks type c is better

  6. therene

    Designed by ex D-Link designers.

  7. Tatva Mehta

    Lew sounds like Chandler from F.R.E.N.D.S

  8. OVO_Jonathan 30

    Bro that.PS5 is so big like damn im gonna have a hard time making space on the table where my tv stands.

  9. Jones 0

    Still want it in black

  10. Full fried Chicken


  11. Freddy Palacios

    RIP sony

  12. general smiles

    I really want an iPhone 12

  13. Infinity Ripper

    The black part should have been matte, the shiny plastic gives it a cheaper look.

  14. TheRealJDFMAKER

    alternate title: Unboxing polnareff hair

  15. windy

    I hope they fixed the flimsy power cord for the ps5 cause one little push on the ps4 power cord and it would disconnect

  16. Peter Taylor

    Sad thing is the size isnt a reflection of the power. The xbox series x is smaller and more powerful

  17. Nabhay Khanna

    bruh ps5's dualsense controller id dope

  18. Rahul Datta Roy

    Bro you should also plug in and play and show the UI

  19. Jacob Fisher

    Did it have a film over that incredibly glossy-looking black plastic? I'm a bit concerned about how easily that glossy plastic will likely scratch and scuff. Really wish tech manufacturers would avoid gloss.

  20. su -c rm -rf /*

    Lol its design looks like a briefcase inside a folded paper

  21. Samarth Dixit

    Ps will always be beast!

  22. Sarandis Vassiliou

    I wish i had the money to buy this shit....

  23. Temuulen Burrows

    Just use PC plebs

  24. venomonsta

    I don't think to buy a PS5 until all exclusive games PS5 is out

  25. xvillian

    Lucky bitch 😷

  26. Owen Simpamba

    feels like I just have to stretch myself beyond my limits just to acquire such a luxury. I'm going to study...motivation found

  27. chelley bee

    From all the unboxing channels this one is my favorite channel.

  28. Bruh

    I certainly like the dualsense, not only because of the new features, but also because of its improvements in terms of its shape and the texture it has on the grips. Also I’m not saying Sony is right or wrong but I can partially see why they didn’t want dualshock being used on PS5

  29. Kazuma

    Series x all the way. Sony just threw that system in there. Ugly af

  30. Caden Churchill

    I don't know about everyone else, but I'm a huge fan of the design of the new controller and console! While I love my PS4 Slim, I feel Sony really dropped the ball when it comes to design. The PS5 is just gorgeous!

  31. why dont we STREAM FALLIN

    I liked and subscribed hope I get a good chance at winning I would be so greatfull , lew if I win thank you so much

  32. Ace7of7Hearts

    Anyone else cringed when he drag the PS5 around the table lol 🤣😅😢😭

  33. mh mishuk

    This is how many people unable to buy PS5. 👇

  34. Teo On Da Beat

    Here before a million ticket 👇🏿

  35. Amos Mwanzia

    Lew the kind of guy to steal your girlfriend........then comes and steals your new girlfriend.

  36. Sixslo -


  37. OrangeSlime

    Imagine if the X,O,∆ and the square has a backlight with their own colors.

  38. [ DEADMAN ]

    Setup video when?

  39. DK Ki Vines

    *that random person liked my comments😭😭 I pray may you and your parents live more than 100 Years👉🙏🙏♥️♥️*

  40. JP Balling

    Man that is one ugly console, it really does look like cell from Dragon Ball Z.

  41. Manalang, Rhaemus Diezl M.

    this hurts me so much :((

  42. Chia Yang


  43. Your D4dd33

    The next big thing is here!!!

  44. - vallenthesenpaii

    the vertical mode is huge 😭😭

  45. moises luque

    "Drive capable of Bluetooth" Huh??

  46. Caesar Ali

    No usb type-c in the box

  47. Dipesh Pandit

    Would love to have my first iphone experience. 😊

  48. The End Game

    anyone else notice how the top down camera view shows that, although the console is curvy, it still looks like a rectangle from that view point?

  49. Priyam Mascharak

    6:44 meme meterial

  50. Devak Shah

    Why did he open the black one last?

  51. Mustafa Wali

    I just don't like the size

  52. Gurpreet Singh

    Game bhi khel k dikha deta angrej😂😂

  53. Wanderous Blaze

    Bruh wheres the boot up test unbox therapy!!

  54. R

    The ps4 looks so good compared to that

  55. Christoph Reuter

    I am still playing PS2

  56. Waleed Amin

    Wheres the USB cable that was mentioned on the box?????

  57. Clark Empire

    You gone send me one 😳😁

  58. Vinaypartap singh

    Please don't do it 🥺 give it to me 😂I will bend it for you

  59. Beatrice Knowles

    I hope apple see this so they can be friends again.

  60. Fredrik Berglund

    The iPhones are beautiful! I want the iPhone 12 pro gold

  61. weekly famous

    I would take the black one 👌😍

  62. Suhail Khan

    He didn't on it tho

  63. Ahmed Yaqoob

    He must have played on Xbox to much that's why he said Y.

  64. AKA QAL

    Thx bro

  65. AKA QAL

    Yes.....he did it

  66. Marcos Barrueta

    My opinion it look kinda plain and ugly

  67. Gd5 Gd5

    probably gonna get the ps5 when the ps6 comes out

  68. paul mcclung

    Does the ps5 come with a usb-c cable to charge duel-sense controller ? I’ve been trying to get one at stores in my area and are all out of stock need one for MacBook

  69. Bm.tybitch YouTube

    Og PlayStation user like

  70. BIP

    Egg shell color.

  71. Tru_Gam3r _89

    Got my pre order! I'm ready for November 19th (I'm from the UK sadly)

  72. Ryan Hansen

    rite on, I was hoping the playstation logo would exist and be on the right side.

  73. Beatbox Therapy

    I need the iPhone 12 BUT I m from INDIA and the starting price is 80000 rupees - 1085 dollars that is for the mini !!!!! The last apple thing I used was airpods and iphone 7 plus.....

  74. Felix Tan

    If the PS5 is a beast then goddamn the 3080 must be a titan

  75. Aditya Srivastav

    Is ps4 price is decreasing now? After ps5 launch

  76. Paduan

    Just saying, in my opinion it looks so much more like Kaiba from Yugioh. But that thing is huge.

  77. ogie38

    Nah.. I'll just wait for the God of War bundle.

  78. Bm.tybitch YouTube

    Only real gamers can like

  79. satvik sriramagiri

    Can you play on that

  80. Ricardo Diaz

    Okay, thats cool and all..... now plug it in!