Who Needs a PS5 When You Can Have THIS...

Unbox Therapy

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    2020 has been all about the PS5 and Xbox Series X but what if you wanted to build something even better? That's what Gigabyte was aiming to do when they sent over the "Console Killer" for an unboxing and demo.
    This video is sponsored by Gigabyte and Intel.
    System specs listed below.
    INTEL Core i9-10900K
    Z490I AORUS ULTRA mITX motherboard - www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/Z490I-AORUS-ULTRA-rev-1x
    AORUS 16GB 3600 MHz RGB RAM - www.gigabyte.com/Memory/AORUS-RGB-Memory-16GB--2x8GB-3600MHz#kf
    GIGABYTE P750GM 750W PSU - www.gigabyte.com/Power-Supply/GP-P750GM
    AORUS Liquid Cooler 240 - www.gigabyte.com/Thermal-Solution/AORUS-LIQUID-COOLER-240#kf
    Gigabyte AORUS NVMe Gen4 M.2 1TB - www.amazon.com/GIGABYTE-PCI-Express-Interface-Performance-GP-ASM2NE6100TTTD/dp/B07TJWZGL9

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    1. knottingley Phone Repair

      basic budget console killer......

    2. Khaos

      but PS5 exclusives tho :(

    3. Katakuri Fan

      Console killer that's a good one

    4. John Eric Cardona Esquea

      Not really console killer cause the price also for me a console killer is 500 less pc but better than this gen this would be awesome

    5. Lil_ Ham

      It should be called the console reaper

    6. Hamza Ilarzeg

      Bruh. I love the channel but this is pure stupidity. People go to consoles for exclusives and affordability which none of these attributes come with that pc

    7. Panda

      Does it come pre built?

    8. Arshia AA

      what's tv?

    9. sukanta das

      Giga Factory

    10. Steve Ps5

      Like to see him compare a corsa to a tesla.

    11. ImTheShizNit44

      Only $2500 compared to $500.

    12. DPain82

      I'm out at i9

    13. Ace Squad

      The music when it hits the beat

      1. Ace Squad

        What is this song

    14. dashiet3

      Why would you waste my time with this stupid vid. The point of a console killer is something that is priced the same but better. you can not do that in this generation of consoles, their value far outweighs the value of buying that PC at the moment, 4k gaming for 500 dollars. I also have a very nice PC with a 3070 in my GPU and my CPU is a 5600. I will still admit the value you get from this generation of consoles is better then trying to buy a PC, if you don't already have one. Plus the games that the consoles have. I also have a Xbox series X and sometimes id just rather play it if I'm not playing a shooter. Obviously if I buy something triple the price it will be better lol. the GPU alone is more then a console.

    15. Gareth S

      If you guys no longer need the keyboard I need one after my match with a hacker in warzone 🤣

    16. laurence genialus

      yes, but god of war and anything by naughty dog are essential plays for me...

    17. Aldea Dorin Stefan

      Mmm❤️the beats🤤

    18. buygoodbest


    19. Hisham Dowlut

      What is the case of the PC called?

    20. Muhammad Junaid

      Need to see Nvidia 3090 with Intel i9-11980K

    21. Patrick Ritter

      what is anti ghosting on a keyboard???

      1. Patrick Ritter

        what a cool mouse,where can i get this mouse and the video card and the mobo and well everthing i wish to know where i can buy this system and the price in united states dollars and what is the biggest p raing moniter that there is sold anywhere ,i want to get a 32k moniter where can i get one and the best sound speakers that is sold ,and the bet keyboard there is that is sold

    22. Rebel Oakland

      How much money to build something like this?

    23. AJP 0203

      Congrats to the people that have enough money to buy anything he has on his channel😂💔

    24. Trap4Hunter

      Sorry, but using NZXT to represent the pc community is like spitting in faces. Overpriced crap with fire hazardous PciE risers in their way overpriced pre built machines. Not to mention the cases look cheap and tacky and every pleb has one lying around

    25. tyler smith

      You can buy two ps5s and hot glue them together for the price of the cpu and gpu 😅🤦🏻‍♂️

    26. rolando dunklin

      I hate the PC vs console. I have a ps5 which is 500 and I just build a gaming pc which was 3k total in cost just for the tower. So the pc better be better.

    27. Shaswata Shaha

      I want to buy the box 😏

    28. Charles Gentry

      Jesus his chair is 1000$

    29. Nofear At All

      Where the link to the beat!

    30. It's Dawson

      Console killer that costs.........more than a console? It wants to be better🤣 I know this isn't a debate but you really have to appreciate what both consoles can do for £550, well.....maybe we will see what the Xbox can do soon🤣 cmon M$, you are making this too easy for Sony.

    31. Mr Ahu

      If u don't need a ps5 just give it to me😂

    32. Matas Mikalauskas

      "Did I have any kills ???"

    33. Bryan Leal

      Console killer yeah right 🤣🤣🤣 That's around 1k-3k!!!!

    34. FabTech

      you know what lew it doesn't have to be a wallet ripping pc. basically any pc or even smartphones can beat consoles in functionality battle. pc and smartphones will wipe the floor(not really)

    35. Biruk Berhanu

      Has an RTX 3070..... plays valorant?!?! Huhhh

    36. Kaveesh Induja

      I need a PS5 because I don't have a Console Killer.

    37. Qioz

      Console killer? Boi I’m not paying $10,000 just so I can play Minecraft

    38. Tahity 1

      The pc is only 4999 $

    39. Shant Kassab

      KILLER PC, plays on 60 hz :(

    40. Kristoffer krener

      You can't call it a console killer when the consoles cost 8 times less than the whole setup

    41. Irvin Villalobos

      Where can I buy one ?

    42. Joogeys

      If you don’t want the ps5 give me it I have been looking everywhere

    43. TheGreenPistachio

      Bro its just a pc...

    44. Patrick Ortiz

      shows a pc thats quadruple the cost of consoles and plays games on it that have worst graphics or the same graphics as the consoles do. You actually made the consoles look like a pc killer lol.

    45. LevaN JoLL

      What about 3090?

    46. afolabi opeyemi

      How much is the ready made?

    47. Keshav Shukla

      7:43 its a trapezium

    48. alazaruz

      Song at 4:15 mark please & thank you. Tag me.

    49. Brian Vasquez

      PS5 gang

    50. Acidic Jester

      I'mma start calling these the unbox gaming videos 😂

    51. Zeta Dah god

      Nah.....I'm broke Aren't we?

    52. Vasilis Sardaridis

      If you know the first game he played reply pls

    53. Juu_fm

      It’s not a console killer if it’s not the same price🤦‍♂️

    54. Bryan Wangui


    55. Sheikh Shah

      What kind of stupid comparison is this? Apples to Oranges.

    56. Raymond Dowling

      Let me know if you ever have a yard sale.

    57. Keene Saludares

      Well, I just noticed that the chair is much more expensive than PS5 and PC. Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman 6495$

    58. Tronix Gamerz

      Funfact if : you are 1million $ then if you spend only 1$ the you are no longer a millionare

    59. Boldewijn Chesron

      Looking like a microwave

    60. nick martin

      What’s the game he’s playing

    61. Marko Tranpa

      That is all but a console killer. The Gpu is 300 euro more expensive than a full console. Let alone Cpu,power supply, ram...console killer needs to outrun console and be same or less in price.

    62. No Name

      PC and PS not same

    63. Ahmed EhabVEVO

      Lew: Who Needs a PS5 When You Can Have THIS Me: i want actually a PS 5 OR XBOX

    64. Noble Fiend

      Does anyone know how much the entire bundle costs??

    65. V e n o m O P


      Still PlayStation

    67. John Woodland

      I would hide all my coke and weed in that PC.

    68. Reborn RL

      What’s the case?

    69. Reborn RL

      What’s the case?

    70. Reborn RL

      To think he went from reviewing phones to electric cars to really anything at this point that has electronics in it. I admire.

    71. Cold Wolf

      That intro for the CPU is 🔥🔥🔥 but here’s the thing, I can’t play GOW Ragnork or Horizon forbidden west on it so this isn’t killing PS5 😂

    72. L V

      this is better than ps5 I want it now !!

    73. Lachezar Pintev

      What's the name of the game that he play? Anyone?

    74. Flynn

      Tougher to get a 30 series gou than a ps5 or series x

    75. fab holo

      It's not really a console killer when it cost more than the console

    76. Kedrick cannon

      the title should have said who needs a PS5 when you can have the kfconsole

    77. Slavko Glamočanin

      The PC ATX format is so obsolete, i use a smaller computer for gaming, silverstone sg05 based and it's still too big. There's just a lot of legacy cruft, somebody should just design a new sistem, like that new intel idea of two pcie cards, one contains the gpu, one the cpu, that makes more sense. I think the phones will take over anyway.



    79. Zezryo

      8:39 thing looks like a microwave XD

    80. Zezryo

      I hateee using keyboard and mouse for games it physically hurts my wrist after an hour and not all games support controllers

    81. briskzander

      sometimes i cry wacthing him unbox things bc u know ur not gonna be able to get these things bc ur broke :((

    82. barry anderson

      what's the cost of it combine in all......

    83. Jovani Ortiz

      the fridge, the wifi router and now the microwave

    84. Empyreus

      Who needs a Ps5 when u can get this* Me: No Ps5, no PC, no money

    85. Ethyn Slife

      If it’s the “console killer “ then why is it like 2x as much money then a console Bru

    86. Fathan Hafiz

      how he can connect pc to litteraly tv display? without any fps drop or lame screen response?

    87. SuperMXLvr Productions

      Im still truing to get the ps5


        I can tell

    88. Arod

      I came here for that case. My kids need a new box for there stuffed animals.

    89. Jordan Lopez

      It will be out of date in 5 years

    90. Kadin Matsui Brown

      Where do you buy the chassis Edit: found did on best buy

    91. Ishan Patil

      I so wish i had that PC😪

    92. Afaq Ahmed

      lew:50 million clicks.....who is gonna reach its???? OSU players: imma end this mices whole career

    93. Cwspod Music Studio

      Obviously Obvious!



    94. Patrick Hocking

      This is so stupid. Come one guys. You don't need to be payed off to promote this do you. The only console killer is a console itself. Something cost effective, suited for TVs and games that are directly built for them. This is a PC and a very expensive one st that. It's nice, but it's not replacing any console

    95. USMC Devildog

      Console killer but not console price sorry not rich you can have it

    96. Alihasan

      We need PS5. Lovely 😍😍😍😍

    97. Mazin Mohammad

      Please make a video about stick drift

      1. Mazin Mohammad

        @100kSUBSWITHNOVIDEOSCHALLENGE did I ask you? 😂😂😂😂😂😂


        It barely happens only if you fucking dip it in water and then through all the dust inside your hoover inside

    98. Big Ben Games

      1:21 console kier

    99. Mohamed Ahmed Mokhtar Ahmed El Sadawy

      yo that shape is a trapezoid

    100. JGAB Animations

      Who needs a Ps5 when you have a console that can cook chicken. KFC Console 240fps 500ghz