This is NOT a Tesla...

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    Electric cars are taking over the automotive industry. On today's episode of Unbox Therapy we check out the new Mustang Mach-E from Ford.
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    1. Samuel Oravec

      Awful car ngl

    2. iLoveHacks


    3. Adam Camacho

      I have driven this car/suv, it’s really cool. I don’t think it should be called Mustang. Mach-E, that’s all it needs.

    4. Dustin connell

      This would be so bad ass...if it actually looked like a mustang

    5. e 5

      The nerve they had to call that a Mustang disgusts me. Mustangs will forever be PETROL MUSCLE POWER


      Gorgeous car. ❤️

    7. Jason Rodriguez


    8. Muscular Kirby

      Yes, it's not a Tesla. It's a Ford... no shit?

    9. Solan :D

      I wold believe Ford if the mirror wasn’t there lol (u now what I am talking about) 2:46

    10. Ak47 basha

      Love this car

    11. Salman Hassan


    12. Equal Outcome

      Nice Ford Focus

    13. Neil Mcgivern

      Not going to lie... I want one!

    14. Synyster Goose

      Should have left the mustang name off of it.

    15. Synyster Goose

      Need to drive

    16. mufeez666

      why does Ford like to mess us their cars! i mean if its gonna be a mustang why not making sporty and not look like a KIA

    17. Martin Malmberg

      You dont talk about the B&O speakers?? thats pretty expencive high end speakers ...

    18. lilstump55

      Jesus loves you so much that he died for your sins so that you could have eternal life

    19. Nick Coates

      Ahhh the new mustang

    20. Isus Krist

      Looks like a peugeot

    21. C.MARTIN

      I need a tour of this super long warehouse

    22. Jeremy Leale

      No sh.t. It's a Mach E. Why don't you stick to what you know. Phones.

    23. Eduardo Matos

      Black is a must with this one. That low refresh rate and slow screen, ew.

    24. Florian Angerer

      I love this car soooooo much we‘ll gonna buy it for sure😎💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

    25. Addo Thomas

      Everything is on point beautiful ❤️

    26. GINAL ORI

      i like it all.. but the volume knob right in the middle of the screen... why...why.. T_T

    27. joshua elka

      not a mustang either its trash

    28. A.L-X

      At first I thought this was the Audi E-Tron

    29. Bad name

      Mustangs should have only 2 side doors (you know a Grand Turismo, muscle car). It should not look like family shopping cart. This thing is all those things and worse. Its a Mazda! Shame Shame Shame!

    30. Cyrus Rocks

      Thats a ford symbol on the front window. Right at the top. Very nice how they do it. And it's the only one.

    31. DSR Gaming

      he is goin to but all the electric cars in the world soon

    32. TEJ Jensen

      Another smartphone that you can drive in. Ugly ... ugly ... ugly!!!

    33. Loyce Fritz

      The versed apology promisingly spare because hardcover electronically help throughout a didactic shirt. tough, erect commission

    34. Mark Freeman

      hey Nice car, how about the Predators mask can you look at that? its a helmet.

    35. Max Donaghy

      Why didn't they just call it the Mach E smh

    36. Rainbow Tiger

      Nice Ford, you officially ruined the mustang.

    37. Yahya Adel


    38. Eric Bones

      They did it, they have finally completely killed the Mustang. This being said, I dig it.

    39. Engr Taffy

      When Lew said "There are some other manufacturers who have simplified things in the front however one of the downsides of going ultra simple is that you lose some identity or possibly some character", he seems he was throwing some shade here to Tesla 😂

    40. Smashy Rashy

      cool in front but lame in d back

    41. Aaron Stepien

      the next decade we are gonna get flooded with "eCars for $20k that should last about 100k miles"

    42. maverick

      where the engine locate ?

    43. Lance B

      What are the odds of the interior looking like this? Ford has never released a (concept) show car, they have always been heavily dialed back. Also the steering wheel looks like it’s for a minivan. Let’s get a little more cutting edge. This thing screams of “we have to make it work with as much of the current tooling as possible.” - that being said the knob on top of the screen is unique.

    44. Jesse

      Nice review but this is definitely not a mustang.... Props to Ford though, great idea to get their first EV out there...

    45. Shahzo Bhai

      Sorry can't afford a ford.

    46. BoogiesHero2316

      I can see the "The Dealership" taking advantage of you. Oh wait they already do. No more fixing it yourself anymore.

    47. R H

      wow youre an asshole bro, why didnt you show us the Unboxing of the car -___-

    48. JJ Legend

      Everyone get pissed they called it a mustang, but Ford future-proofed the mustang name by introducing this car.

    49. D Cariño

      Self Driving?

    50. AkMoGAMING

      batcave 😮

    51. Bareq Altimemi

      I’m so excited for the Ford i loveit but it’s very very expensive I don’t have money to get this car in iraq And it’s no one like electric car in Iraq except me

    52. Serenity Liv

      First video I watched with the S21, blown away by the sound of the intro

    53. Toxicchiken

      Who thinks this is disgusting. It's a mustang. What did Ford do. no mustang culture. Yuk

    54. Farzan Sahragard

      The title should’ve been “this is not a mustang”

    55. Nafin Mahmud

      nobody said this is a tesla

    56. Mundane AudioHead

      Fix or Repair Daily: Mach-Exit

    57. TheLegendSS7

      i knew it was ford because that car is in my game i knew it

    58. Frank Sinatra

      When did lew move into the batcave?

    59. Dank Dreamz

      This is not even unboxing 🤢

    60. Easye אדם

      You said “They could have done this in the front, too” but they couldn’t because it would have been clunky when two people are getting in at the same time.

    61. SamTech

      This is getting started

    62. David S.

      Guess I'm buying some leap calls on ford now

    63. Sir

      Not a Tesla..... Not a Mustang either.

    64. Sachin Ramesh

      I would choose any car over Tesla but that looks ugly af.

    65. Hosk

      how tall is Lew

    66. John Okor

      I will buy this over a Tesla tbh....I really want to own a mustang.

    67. manuel JUXCNHRIO

      The car itself looks cool. But I don't get why the design teams of big car brands can't come up with better ideas to integrate such huge screens. It looks like they have simply glued a huge ass Ipad onto the cockpit. It looks like absolute garbage and will age pretty damn bad

    68. Tim Müller

      Cyberpunk made some great product placement

    69. NAVE

      It’s also not a Mustang. What a sacrilege

    70. Krish Patel

      Only Gamers can see that on television ‘Cyberpunk’ is going on

    71. Googadis Beotches

      It really looks like a steaming pile...

      1. Andre Barracuda

        brah.... how disrespectful!! At least, pile of shit can be flushed and never to be seen again.

    72. Torrian McCants

      Actually INSANE!!!!!

    73. Prince Pixel

      I hate it....! I’m ashamed of Ford for giving mustang an suv look and taking the “ muscle” out of the mustang. Yes, electric cars have more torque but mustangs are supposed to be loud and deadly ( in a racing way ) not quiet and fast. Not to mention you can’t modify electronic cars. You can’t put Nitrous oxide in an electric car. You can’t put anything in there to push to make more power ( as far as I know). And suvs do not need fast backs. It impractical and takes up more cargo space. SUVs are butt movers not racers. Mustang is a sports CAR that NEEDS a combustion engine. I really don’t see many people buying this. Electric cars are going to raise your auto repair bill....

    74. Ahmad Khan

      Whoever made electric cars & motorcycle. but they can't compete as power of petrol & diesel engines lifetime.

    75. Jorge Cabrera

      FUN FACTS: not a mustang, not a coupe.

    76. maui anon

      they just don’t want it to have that ford logo probably because it’ll lower the value 🙄

    77. momo

      It's not a mustang

    78. hts cts

      if you teeling lie i will made real this is tesla see my if you teeling lie i will made real this tesla car some people is teeling 18 years no false they are teeling lie

    79. Ken Fresno

      They destroyed the Mustang in the 90s by making them for teenage girls, and now they've ruined it again by making it for cat ladies.

      1. Prince Pixel

        Agreed they also ruined it by making it electric....

    80. anthony davis

      Well my tesla drives itself soooo .. yeah I can turn the volume up anytime 👀😁

    81. Grigor Petrov

      It looks better than Tesla

    82. Ray Rodriguez

      Still not a mustang..

    83. Genius Yes

      Where is batman?

    84. Avil Georgescu


    85. Seth Chong

      Did they not know that Cars are meant to be SUV sizes? the first Ford is made tall, big. Coupe DNA comes from Mercedes. Mercedes was the first car maker to lower their car for the sake of Racing.

    86. Paddu gampasri


    87. Corzer

      That environment and that music give me 'Tron' vibes for some reason.

    88. Leo Putra

      This car is faster than the real Mustang

    89. D.Jegedhis Waran Shagi

      i saw cyberpunk pausing in the background

    90. Suman Das


    91. Alex Ross

      when do we get to see the Etron?

    92. Tribit Fan Opex


    93. vedansh behl

      Ford. hmmm why not

    94. Sadaf

      I thought it was an etron

    95. TheYoutuber

      The slope design is pretty clever, and i love it.

    96. Cool Turtle

      I honestly think this car is super ugly lol

    97. Person

      what's his shoes in this video brand and model?

    98. Person

      what's his shoes in this video brand and model?

    99. C K T K C

      Not "4 wheel drive." It's "ALL Wheel Drive" AWD.

    100. Salvatore Krellenberg

      Its a shame that they used the Mustang name on this

      1. Aaron Stepien

        it's a "stepping stone" for the brand name since Ford will be putting SOMETHING out called a "Mustang" and an "F-150" for as long as they remain a company