The ULTIMATE $40,000 Gaming PC Setup

Unbox Therapy

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    Xidax Custom Gaming PCs:
    LG 27GN950 US: | CA:
    VictSing Gaming Peripherals:
    Victsing Product links
    Cluvens Computer Cockpit -
    This 2021 custom water cooled gaming PC features dual Nvidia RTX 3090 graphics from ASUS and 5 LG 4K 144hz gaming monitors mounted onto the Cluvens Scorpion gaming cockpit.
    This video is sponsored by Xidax, LG, Victsing and Cluvens.
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    1. Unbox Therapy


      1. We will go joy


      2. Pubg Challange

        Sir how much it costs u sir

      3. Allen Fr

        This looks soo next generation

      4. Steven Lopez


      5. Vlog Vitals

        Or we can raffle this off and all proceeds will going to the winners choice ! 1000 dollars a ticket

    2. Kuka Reku

      intro song name? anyone?

    3. Hari krishnan.M

      Edge of today

    4. Shroomeater

      Among Us must go crazy on this

    5. Joe Mammoth

      The thing is I don’t want it

    6. Zosh xo

      I’ll buy it for 20k

    7. Tuan Nguyen

      The intro song sounds ill af. What’s the song?

    8. DeKay Sparda

      so, how much power does it actually draw, like all in all im guessing like 3500-4000 watts, as an electrician i instantly noticed the 1 cable in 1 socket you are runnig it from ( 10:53 ) ;D. But nevertheless amazing and really awesome setup.



    10. We will go joy


    11. Kristian Bala

      bunch of nonsense 🤒

    12. Kevin Hill

      30 series is a GFX card for content creators....not consumers. notice how every youtuber/streamer was GIFTED a 30 series

    13. CNG Plays


    14. EDM718PR

      Im honestly more impressed at the handheld PC that can play CYBER PUNK

    15. Zalland Kasi

      I would never, ever, in a million years buy this... even if I become as rich as jeff bezos,

    16. Atma Singh


    17. papa stalin

      Rich kid:mom can we have a computer Rich kid mom:we already have computer at our home Computer at home:

    18. Bo Goss

      At that price couldn’t they have included a very big screen instead of many different monitors with big gaps?

      1. Vikram mehla

        And small moniots have righ refresh rate and resoultion

      2. Vikram mehla

        Are you mad it is meant for streaming

    19. MrErwin32

      Awesome Scorpion! Can I please get the model of the Little PC with slide screen?

    20. Malvino Christian

      *Mom, I definitely need this for Study.*

    21. ANDREA:D

      Sarebbe bello se ne avessi una anch’io 😭😭😭😭

    22. Dragø gaming and amv's

      Welcome back to another video of things u can't afford!!

    23. 丂M!L乇乙GAM乇乙

      Looks pretty shitty. Why not have them completely lined up with 6 monitors? All crooked... Why just 5 such a weird design

    24. Edwin Winarno

      The keyboad and mouse's cable bothered my eyes

    25. Juzzy237

      So this is what will was working on the "soda sound" video a year was curious about the project and turn out to be a beast. Will that wasnt as soon as u said lol

    26. Green Bonnie Bunny

      This guy: has 60 fps "i want more" Me:who barely has 5 fps "am i a joke to you?"

    27. Malachy Giles

      Why is there no SLI bridge between the 3090s? I'm not an expert on display configuration, the answer is probably obvious.

    28. Chaoui I

      I think the best setup its a MacPro .

    29. BULLET XD

      mom I need this for school

    30. भ ड वा इंसान


    31. FederalFan 32

      Imagine if it just hits a lag spike in roblox on 1 graphics lol

    32. Andrian Aguilar

      The power of grand father

    33. BEOM범디기 범디기 범범

      I need that too it's inevitable

    34. Ali Hussain

      The building looks like that place in Batman TDKR

    35. MR1219AT

      Me watching a $40,000 PC build when my $1,000 build doesn’t work: 🥲

    36. Emily

      when a Disney villain wants to play stardew valley

    37. Games Attack

      I love to been reminded how poor I am and my friend 5ara (roshdy)

      1. roshdy mohamed


      2. roshdy mohamed

        thanks a lot 💚🌚

    38. Benjamin Froli

      But does it run Minecraft?

    39. Micael Lariccia

      This is for Super-Sayan KGuprs

    40. Chess

      Looks ugly. I'd rather have one large OLED TV than have ugly borders.

    41. Galaxy_Games

      what is the name off that Nintendo Switch thing

    42. yessirski bruh


    43. Bekmeister

      Who got triggered so hard as soon as he showed how middle monitor didn't match side monitors height and then there's the gap.

    44. Usman Khalique

      Spends thoudands of dollars to make a rig with 5 monitors and dual 3090s to play a game with physics worse tha doom. Lol.

    45. Jey Tundra

      This week: Things ill never be able to afford :'D side note this is about same price as a decent sports car xD

      1. Vikram mehla

        You can build almost same performace setup in 10 k

    46. PO1SON 1VAN

      But why does he have Batman's bat CAVE tho?

    47. osama charkieh

      Having money won't ever fulfill

    48. Seakay Margiadanae

      when corona is over you should make your studio into an arcade or funpark or something with all the tech you have to spare, it could rake some money in and also make a fun outing for tech savey people who enjoy seeing the tech.

    49. None

      2:55 Meanwhile, Nvidia's GPU settings interface still look like it's from the Windows XP era.

    50. Bragyptian

      am i the only one curious about that little gaming pc that can load an actual windows and cyberpunk?!!

    51. Pooponaduck

      you just know someone's going to get that and only play flash games

    52. ShadowLordsVortex


    53. E942

      40k and culd still not line up the monitors perfectly :/


      *a scorpion in batmans cave

    55. Mr. Kalidas

      Batman's cave

    56. Dhrupadh sooraj

      I really forgot how rich this man is

    57. Mystic BBQ

      But where can I get one of those mini pc???

    58. No HAY

      They were same size monitors but poorly aligned. I could not concentrate on anything else. So distracting.

    59. EddieReacts2Things

      I have the same mouse mat

    60. Eric Glueckert

      There are better ways to spend $40k.

    61. Ninja Cube690

      Buys the machine but mom says I can’t buy games 😔

    62. Sulton Fathoni

      Twitter: sultonfathoni26 This review is insane..

    63. Peter Lieffers

      I want one to look like an obelisk from command and conquer

    64. Ash Ketchum

      Welcome to another episode of your setup sucks 🙂

    65. Nahome Aredo

      What asetup

    66. Abelito


    67. 1000 Subscribers with 2 videos

      This septup is insane reminds me of my one monitor, on my small desk😂

    68. Severus Snape

      Can It run google chrome?

    69. Cayde Nade

      I'm just shocked this thing doesn't have emergency food and water supply attached to it🤣

    70. P Park

      so this is where the monitors went haha

    71. Amir Rodriguez

      What's the name of the mini-pc? Do you guys have a link for it as well?

    72. Abbas Babaei

      What is the name of the song in minute one?

    73. Apollo

      This takes the "He just has a good gaming chair" to the next level

    74. Kingvenderose

      IMPORTANT FACTS: its tallest hieght is 82in (6.8 feet) pretty much 7 feet so make sure your ceiling is high enough, also make sure you have at the most 42in(3.5 feet) or space. and finally THERE WILL MOSTLIKELY BE SOMEONE COMING BY YOUR HOUSE TO SET IT UP!

    75. FBI

      40,000 to stay a virgin not a bad price👌

    76. Tomfoole

      among us sus sus sus

    77. Zef Hardy

      What is the brand or model of that little pc?

    78. Chicken Wings

      We can buy the same thing for 4000

    79. vic_senpai

      Can you do a review on that little pc or is their 1 already?

      1. vic_senpai

        I actually asked what is was when this video came out 😭 please reply or do a review

    80. Bryn

      Imagine having this and playing only Among Us on it

    81. Jason Tsai

      So you play pacman on that?

    82. alida flus

      I'm reminiscing the times when you were at your previous, cosy, human-friendly studio and you sound just... better. We all should remember our roots.

      1. Mcdonald's Big Mac

        Judging a person because they chose to level up is the height of ignorance and being pathetic

      2. justice for all

        what does that even mean? Lewis and mkbhd are some of the most humble people on this platform, just because they have a few expensive things doesn't automatically make them lost in the sauce. people like you are what's wrong with society, you constantly want to hold other people back just because they're doing better.

    83. PeteTheRock

      This is cool and all but I feel like this is too much besides where are you gonna put this in a house it just doesnt fit

      1. PeteTheRock

        @Doso Pandemic lol so true

      2. Doso Pandemic

        It won’t fit your house but it will fit mine. Besides you’ve sold everything you have to get it plenty of room now right😂🤣😅

    84. Steven Lopez


      1. alida flus

        Grabbing the cruder card boys

    85. W Boring

      Would like to see warzone played on that setup

    86. kaen kun

      freind : i have a bad pc his pc

    87. French Gibberish

      Playing horror game on this fuck...

    88. Arpan Biswas



      Being that close to your tv will make you go blind.. careful there Unbox therapy


      Those Are literally how you go blind

    91. m Benlili

      Goodbye society

    92. Tomato Bear

      I had a pair of pet scorpions. One of them died yesterday. Now I'm sad af :(

    93. Mudassar Hussain

      Please give me gaming laptop because I am not afford price to buy any gaming thing

    94. doliio volay

      This room reminds me of Batman Begins room where Bruce drove the Batmobile for the first time.

    95. StackSetCrew

      Want that beat lol

    96. Cleo Pittman

      Sto telling me I’m poor I already know 😭-

      1. doliio volay

        Do you live in canada

    97. Cartney84 Ian

      if someone tall the size is not really good. eye no protection the screen too close and no massage chair.the screen not really close each one still unreal when play game

    98. Inigo G

      So ugly

    99. Kane Webb

      Grabbing the cruder card boys

    100. Alvey Sadman

      Go up high