LG's Brightest OLED Display Yet...

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    This is my first look at LG's generation 2 OLED technology.
    CES2021 HE VirtualStudio - lgoledtv.co/Unbox_CES
    This video is sponsored by LG.
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    1. Chukwuemeka Udogu

      Willy du!!!!!!!!😂😂😂

    2. Shawn Turner

      Sit 25 feet away. Wtf is wrong with you?

    3. Suman Das


    4. Sachin 17EC434

      Tom & Jerry 😍

    5. Moravid

      Is the G1 evo oled?

    6. PPSSPP-Gameplays

      Watching this is 2160p it looks great

    7. zeyad f

      How much?

    8. Sonic Acoustics

      So huge! that is really amazing! :)

    9. Andrew Thorne

      Anyone know what brand chair and foot rest he is sitting in?

    10. v.V.v 76

      3:50 the remote is awful it’s a disaster LG!!!!!!!!!!you have beautiful remote in z9 model!put it in all oled model please!!!its just a piece of plastic

    11. Robert Grainger

      What’s the point in reviewing a 4K TV when you’re going to sit so far away from it that being able to resolve that extra resolution would be nigh on impossible?

    12. Gborge

      Tv not level :(

    13. Larry Bobarry

      noce tv Batman

    14. D Shorr

      That room is crying out for a cinema room, it would be one big screen.

    15. Frankie

      Batman’s basement ?

    16. Frankie

      Batman’s basement ?

    17. Aryan

      Give me an iphone bro 🙈🙈love it

    18. Young boy

      Which model is this?

    19. Abraham Augustus

      6:05 why did brain think he was actually going to touch the zebra ?!!

    20. johnleenus

      Cool · Sofia Vargas

    21. Puskar kumar Bhujel

      Watching in my v30 plus

    22. Realistik Grafik

      Sony a90j King of the oled tv

    23. Abdallah Abood

      8:33 what is that animation right there

    24. Travis Haskins

      Lg needs to get HBO on their TVs. Great TVs but the apps are so limited

    25. Tomasz Walczak

      TV without ambilight is like "zero" beer. It has some taste but has no punch.

    26. Dipesh Sinha

      Camera zooming on the TV trying to show it's quality KGup : let me lower your video quality

    27. guest man

      They need make TVs that comes with a keyboard and mouse. Annoying punching in letters with the number pad.

    28. Jaber Sabah

      The chair, please? I need the chair... please.

    29. TSM_ HYPER

      Me watching this in 2160p like 😯

    30. Lindani Mvano Nkosi

      & the mouse is always happy ^_^

    31. Galaxy Eyes

      How’s the burn in tho?

    32. krishna sai

      It will take me lifetime to buy this type of tv Can only enjoy by seeing your unbox therapy...🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    33. Simeon King

      For a second I thought my iPad was Oled watching the screen absorb into my full screen.... that TV’s that good!

    34. Alex Shirayuki's Games

      the art gallery voice reminds me of the accountant VR game lol

    35. ebookMummy


    36. Venize

      I don’t know how many more times you are gonna make this video. I get it man, you got tvs.

    37. Robin siregar

      Lg always made a great tv's

    38. Daniel G

      Eames Lounge Chairrrrr

    39. V Max Creations

      Mini led tv review please

    40. Craig The Dank

      So how bright is it?

    41. fahim islam

      no ones gonna ask what's the Background 🎵 from 6:41 ?

    42. Scott Wagner

      If you like LG TVs you ought to seriously give LG smartphones a chance, I think they are totally underrated and the best phones on the market by far. I'll NEVER own another Apple product and I absolutely HATE everything about Samsung from Bixby to their shite UI.

    43. Joseph Herzog

      man hes real high on LG huh

    44. Rick_dat_boi

      Show us that Batman cave studio tour

    45. LeCaissie

      I feel you should have tricked out PC nearby to test gaming on these TVs, instead of a peasant's console Lol!

    46. LeCaissie

      With a offices like those, these guys must have some type of business activity outside youtube. Anyone knows what they do... apart from unboxing tech :P

    47. Kaishop Sonowal

      Dogecoin to the moon👍👍

    48. Thedark Brightlight

      Is there a difference between the 30k one and the 20K One tech wise like the picture quality and the HDMI ports

    49. Rishav Vashisht

      Idk man but im loving my 65" sony oled... Its just amazing what sony does with its tvs

    50. Roger Postma

      Does anyone know which chair is Lew sitting in?

    51. damysticalone87

      You "forgot" to mention, that americans South-Korean's "OLED" has been stolen from >me

    52. john Zambrano

      Picking up my 55 inch Lg cx oled today😃💪 not just my first oled tv but also my first 4k tv

    53. Albert Lacén

      Does someone know where is the image of 8:33 from it look cool

    54. Mike

      Chair name please

    55. carwashgaming

      burn in for sure with this one

    56. Guest Ray

      You need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂 my ass

    57. Marius A.

      This is just pure lg marketing. But still these oled looks really bad. Look at these dead colours. No colour no quality. Lg dont know how to make good colours. The only bonus of oled is black colour. And nothing more. And oled is too dim for normal day light. This is a fact. Their all marketing is based on showing tvs in black rooms, only then something is visible. Had oled sold oled, happy to have better tv. And don't believe what these lying marketing shows tells you. Believe in your eyes.

    58. A. Salman

      Plz when u give the giveaways plz not include the Twitter account things. Give some gifts for youtube viewers

    59. Theresa Stiles-Ocran

      This tv at some point looked like a Cathode Ray Tube from a far distant.

    60. Chris Miller


    61. 2cool0

      tell i just heard him wrong. did he just say THE MOUSE? THE MOUSSSSEEEEEEEEEE???? I know he didn't just disrespect jerry like that

    62. Freedom FX

      Am i the only who misses the good old basic Unbox therapy.?

    63. U Dm

      The picture, the sound, the words, everything is picked to suit so well. Thank you, guys!

    64. Keith Byrne

      Nice tv love to win it

    65. Moony

      I just can´t bring myself to watch you with this new studio set up, I don´t know why but it just feels weird

    66. Araya Hill

      The harmonious seat frustratingly bore because bear enzymatically bathe next a overwrought walrus. red, shaky port


      How much

    68. Frankie Cuellar

      Do you still have the wallpaper tv? Or did you have to give that back!? 🤔

    69. Dan K

      So bright yet not bright at all...imagine that was a window to outside, it would be way brighter in the warehouse than the light that tv is putting out...if anything this video has made me realise just how much less bright than reality tv can be and how thete is still a long long way off till tvs can produce vanta black blacks and camera flash whites....hell this tv is not even as bright as a window on a cloudy day...to convince us it's impressive it needs comparing side by side to a traditional Oled.

    70. Omkar Shinde

      U guys have 4ktvs

    71. Jose Giraldo

      why there no caption on your channel every damn time, dude talk so much but cant put caption.....wow

    72. Peter Arnold

      Unbox Therapy content is going from strength to strength.

    73. BIG SMOOTH

      I really like that chair. Where did you get it?

    74. Randy Boudreault

      Hey lew, bell or rogers?

    75. Your Kodi

      question is how will the new brighter panel effect screen burn? as generally the brighter oled will have more chance of screen burn

    76. Obaidullah Oria


    77. kanishk pathak

      the space is awesome

    78. Nestoras Alvertos

      "77inches. A lot of this depends on your room size" Oh yeah, cause i got the money 😅

      1. Arthur Avila

        @Xavier Phoenix good thing you let me know buddy.

      2. Xavier Phoenix

        @Arthur Avila good thing no one asked

      3. Arthur Avila

        I put a 77 in oled cx in my bedroom lol

    79. FIFA 168

      Nice LG

    80. Henry Woodlock

      I see you still have your Porsche in your studio, have you put any miles on it yet? 😂

    81. Aljhun Competente

      Woww i love oled

    82. Muhammad Rizqi Akbar Rabbani


    83. Sulleimann Kombo

      You mean I had to watch 5 minutes before I knew the name of the TV 🤦🏽‍♂️

    84. Ace Arty

      does any one know when this display will release?

    85. Joel Nikhil

      Could anyone please tell me what’s the name of the song that plays in the background at around the 6.40 minute mark with the funky beat

    86. Kaleb glaze

      Is it urking anyone else that this video is slightly sideways and not centered

    87. hts cts

      see my youtube if you teeling lie i will made real this tv is good you are teeling lie my youtube see if you teeling lie i will made real today gets from youtube

    88. Marko

      Oled really is stunning. It's now in my phone, TV's, laptop and computer monitors. Hopefully I'm looking after it right cos burn in aint an option 🤣

      1. Lolp821

        Stunning, but is it true to life? OLED produces an unrealistic image if you're doing anything but playing a game in my experience. People are blinded by the "popping" and exaggerated colour

    89. Firas ovo

      How much it probably worth

    90. ChockCH ID

      How about sony?

    91. Dorababu Palakonda

      It's amazing and speechless

    92. Usman Khan

      1:08 can someone link me that mount? lowkey wanna buy it

    93. earthworm85

      Waiting for the Samsung Premiere. Since there's wall space for 130"

    94. Sirmi98

      Bias mfkr microsoft wasted a console on you

    95. EJ Plays

      So this tv isn’t for sale yet?

    96. Scious

      Why would they put glossy plastic on top of the remote, it's going to get scratched before the protective plastic is removed

    97. Faith Black

      I usually turn the brightness way down... like right now...OLED would be useless to me...lol

    98. avery

      Dang is this his 2nd million tv he got lol

    99. NatureTunes

      This displays are glossy, meaning each lightsource will be reflected.

      1. Tim Domitrowski

        Not if the lightsource is behind the display!

    100. Rodrigo Henrique

      Anyone knows what's that chair and where I can get it? it looks really comfortable.