How Did They Fit All THIS Power...?

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    This new RTX Gaming Laptop is an absolute BEAST.
    AORUS 15G XC -
    AORUS 17 YC -
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    1. Unbox Therapy

      Ohhhh baby

      1. mehdi ch

        You have a lot of laptops what will happening if you just give it me one of them

      2. Zagham Shebaz Karim

        I'm probably in the minority, it's a good gaming laptop- but not for me. I want something with an OLED panel, ideally 4K 120Hz, a graphics card that performs better (compared to desktop counter part, this is like 30-40% lower performance), have an actual decent webcam 1080p on the top (eye level), why not throw in tobii eye tracking as well. I'm going to wait for the 4080 I guess.

      3. Ruben Lugo jr

        If you guys ever want to give this away 😅 hit me up..

      4. x cood


      5. Gordon Ramsay

        @Crazy Q ok ty

    2. Crazy. Haha

      Does it overheat though

    3. Charlie Roebuck

      If you think about it, these laptops are cheaper than the actual graphic cards.

    4. TechDeals

      I slipped and fell on ice today and broke my laptop 😥

    5. sambhav Mehta

      G2 esports is a rocket league rlcs team

    6. sambhav Mehta

      Did anybody see the g2 esports logo on the box

    7. Sachin 17EC434

      Ouch!! The Price.

    8. Chris D

      Consuming and materialism at its peak . That’s why we get crazy these times

    9. meda

      Ur capping mobile graphics are shit this year

    10. Izanami Uchiha

      Turn on Cyberpunk 2077 on Max and tell 1 more Time how much FPS you get on a laptop

    11. Idle Hour

      My KJP staff issued Omen 15 runs at 100 fps in newer games. Its over kill. But peice of mind when rendering assets and game scenes for the company inworknfor. Thanks for video. Sorry for poor english im from Tokyo JP. I do wish the keyboard wws mechanical. And it fame with more than 32gb mem RAM. But ill take care of that in time. As things tend to go Stay safe. Love you videos. Thanks for unboxing something i sent you under an alias, pen name. Wasn't for marketing, we had extra. So i sent it to you. I prefer not to say what i had sent. But it came from Europe.

    12. Chris Matthews

      Can it handle Crysis?

    13. Chris Matthews

      It's a good thing we can all afford the best of everything.

    14. Alex Velasquez

      Does Mechanical make it better? Because I feel like it makes no difference unless you are obsessed with it.

    15. Mithila

      Well, this vid had a weird edit

    16. Boyd Midgley

      It's a Clevo. They have been around for a long time. Very reliable and lots of expansion.

    17. Anu Bhav

      Twitter Handle- @Soul_killer08

    18. Xbox SeriesX

      Crazy what you can get for 2k when it isn’t a Mac

    19. Bhavesh Bharti

      Jerry rig might ne angry for i doing his job

    20. SpaceQuackHD

      All jokes aside: Those are some really reasonable prices considering the specs To put into perspective: I paid $1800 for my crappy Intel MacBook pro which can barely game AT ALL. 20 fps at BEST

    21. Azabien

      so it can run doom?

    22. Ekemini Umoren

      Lew's in Love.

    23. Sajid Khan

      Send me this laptop I will check this is this real good 😁

    24. Afifahmed Nadaf

      The fact is the 17G looks bigger than Lew...

    25. itsSoph

      You guys have to start mentioning the classical songs you’re playing in the background. I want to make a playlist. Or maybe make a playlist and share the link. 🤔 LMK/HMU! 🙌🏽

    26. Rosanna Homarra

      This laptop is my next one now ik thx.

    27. Harsh5424

      "Tiny bit of fan noise which I can drown with headphones". And here I am with my laptop SCREAMING while its struggling to playback this video in 1080p 1.5x speed

    28. Abdullah Noushad

      Whoa first video seeing a comment that has more likes than the content creator

    29. Yash Rajput

      Laptop : 300hz Review video : standard 30hz

    30. MaloMusic

      Keyboard sound sucks,

    31. HeyULikeApples

      Why all the horribly distracting BGM?

    32. jinkazr

      this guy really do love travelling...ahha

    33. Tony T. aka DoubleT23

      Why did the frame rate go above 300 when he stopped playing?

    34. Keith Smith


    35. Mahmoud Adel

      I like the soundtrack that been played at the end of the video what is the name of it?

    36. Mr. Meak

      JerryRigEverthing watching the teardown:👁️👄👁️

    37. TheFinal1

      Lag at 5:40

    38. Dan Standing

      The lack of masks is breathtaking.

    39. Shreyas S

      As of now which phone would you suggest ?? Rog 3 or OnePlus 8t ??? Please answer this....

    40. TheSweetVillain

      Super performance, the only drawback is the heat and the noise produced by the laptop while gaming being so close to you.

    41. Adnan Lukman

      Can this play the dinasour game?

    42. J024

      Need linus to review this.

    43. Addo Thomas

      This is beautiful

    44. Alpha Pixel

      Anyone noticed 350 fps after the game?

    45. kushall nepall

      Purple Place...?

    46. aleecheev

      Who knows what piano song is that?

    47. aleecheev

      Who knows what piano song is that?

    48. Fili Dxb

      What laptop brand do you use?

    49. Gaming Terrain

      6:32 okay but its doom eternal. Is 100fps really that big of a deal?😂

    50. The BrainSaurus

      well he gets the craziest things and i thing lew u should get a professional video editor also. i mean showing a scrolling on a website can be even done smoother. no offence to willy . but as a big channel i expect more production quality in quantitative nourished editing. The studios are best and they are perfect. But editing seems like maah.

    51. Nyuvert82 82

      What happen to your left eye.u got into a fight?

    52. Ian Pal

      Would be better with AMD

    53. Top KK

      yes but the teyes but there are no temperatures in the benchmark

    54. Wahid Lovely

      It's great laptop 🙂

    55. Chengyu Gan

      once i get my stimulus check, i am going to rush deliver this

    56. Rajkumar Moitra

      $2000 but still can't 3080... meaningless...

    57. CookieMountain

      GPU in a laptop is NOT equal to GPU in a desktop PC. The more powerful the GPU, the larger will be the thermal throttling, you will be lucky to get 40% of that GPU in those laptops, and not even taking into account how HOT these things get, after an hour the laptop keyboard is UNUSABLE. The battery is just for show you will get 2 hours tops the first months, and it will go to 30min. Anyone who gets a gaming laptop is a complete moron, anyone.

    58. Adhyayan Sharma

      realised for the first time he has 3 different colours in his beard.

    59. Kartikeya

      Some laptops are better or worse than others, but the fundamental nature of a laptop does not change. This is not about laptops.

    60. Husayn 93

      This laptop at the beginning it works quite well but after 1 or 2 years the laptop gets hot laggy charges very slowly battery will not work as well so don't think about buying a gaming pc for so long

    61. Dark Demon111

      Watchu lying boi the mobile 3070 is worse then the dekstop 3060 ti

    62. Jay Sumer

      If ur giving one away can I have one 🤪

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