A New Flagship Challenger Emerges... 🚀

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    Is this the flagship smartphone package you've been waiting for?
    Leave a comment below with your Twitter handle for a chance to win one of 11 Xiaomi Mi 11.
    This video is sponsored by Xiaomi.
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    1. Unbox Therapy

      Leave a comment here with your Twitter handle for a chance to win one of 11 Xiaomi Mi 11

      1. Israel Ivan Ripalda


      2. Diwakar . N

        Twitter Diwakar45859000 Super design 😇😍🥰😍 mi always good

      3. rakshith kaverikana


      4. bedstypisces


      5. bgy176

        OH Snap! I've been waiting for this one to come through...that intro got me all excited. @csatram1

    2. Azim Hossain

      OMG, Twt and Inst id- azimflip

    3. Musa ki Vines

      Using the Ric Flair theme damn❤️

    4. recent memes

      Xioami is doing amazing... Twitter: deepaksudan_

    5. Jehan Zeb Abb

      Hope to win it @Abbas00990

    6. Ian Brown

      Forget the phone, that was the best KGup intro ever!

    7. Parth Gadhavi

      How do you not get tired after unboxing so many things every day? I mean you obviously do, but what are the top 3 things that keep you going? @ParthGa10843098

    8. Ian Maina


    9. siddardha bokka


    10. Lalayide Mamogal

      Mi 11 mi amore @eljayming

    11. Medem Kichu

      @kichu_medem Utterly praying and hoping this time on😭❤️

    12. francis ndiritu


    13. Dwayne Chan

      Surely one of the cheapest flagship killer @chanayawa

    14. Rinzy Barrera

      The most awaited phone in the market and my most favorite phone so far @rinzy_barcelona

    15. Jeriah

      Your studio is giving me; ✨anxiety ✨ @_jeriahh

    16. Kishan Brahmbhatt

      awsome content, thanks Unbox therapy team

    17. daniel gutierrez tamayo

      @Danielg0227 Looks so goood 🔥

    18. Milos Ivanovic


    19. Kevin Calub

      for mobile photographer like me this is the best phone to take picture 😍 im hoping that i will get to used this phone 🙏😍 Twitter: kvnclb_

    20. ig pekke

      I need to switch my 4gb ram phone 😢😢

    21. Matthew

      @MatthewBegleyz is my twitter handle!

    22. ms m91


    23. Mr. P.Dribbles

      Pathetic 6.8 screen. Ask a pornstar... 7inches ain't that big. C'mon folks don't be afraid of a little size.

    24. Diah winters

      @diahwinters is my twitter handle! I’ve wanted a mi phone since the mi mix 1!

    25. J BOLAHOOD

      Yesss @K1NGSON45 that phone is blessss

    26. Abdullah Eddaifi Hussain

      @Abdulla44294945 hope i win

    27. Ojas Mendiratta

      Twitter @ojasmendirattaa

    28. Zethembiso Nkosi

      Awesome specs, all the way from South Africa 👌. @ZethembisoNkos2

    29. Zethembiso Nkosi

      Very impressive specs and would love to own one. @ZethembisoNkos2

    30. Salma Nava

      I already fulfilled everything @ SalmaNava19

    31. Salma Nava


    32. Salma Nava


    33. Navin Kumar

      Definite beast phone 🔥🔥🔥❤️ Twitter handle- @stoned_wolf__

    34. Marco M.

      twt: slipmar

    35. jehad ziedan

      @JazmenMan They are going up in this industry

    36. Vinay ##108

      @VinayK83189893-(Twitter handle) -Hope I win this beautiful phone..😍..Hope you will choose me LEW 😇

    37. 2snir2


    38. PaulSelegna

      Ok I didn't win an iphone last time, but I'm gonna win this time for sure! @paulselegna

    39. Sudeep Shah

      @SudeepS37297614 Xiaomi Mi 11❤️

    40. mayanK M

      i lov xiaomi

    41. Jason Bailey

      Scooter looks just like the ninebot max but the specs are not as good.

    42. Mrs Norris

      my twitter : @ShapinoBen

    43. Bobby

      No ads. ❤️ @yubobski

    44. Matt

      I don't have Twitter, but that makes my Blu G90 Pro look like crap. I've never tried Xiaomi, but I hear great things.

    45. Shyam Narayanan

      Nice phone. @reallyshyam

    46. Angga Tri anandhika

      Just impressive @anggadhika8

    47. Lordceri

      the begining of the video is amazing!! @Lordceri

    48. lotus makeup


    49. Andres Vasquez

      That intro carry me many memories ;'3 @andresvasquez31

    50. Mohamed Bouzzit


    51. Onyinyechi Nelly Ekegbu

      "I never hit record" 😪😂😂😂😂💔That blows Twitter: _Nellyie

    52. Keli Guerra


      1. Keli Guerra


    53. Onyinyechi Nelly Ekegbu


    54. Kevin Calub

      for mobile photographer like me this is the best phone to take picture 😍 im hoping that i will get to used this phone 🙏😍

    55. Kao Javier

      guess I'm late but damn that is one gorgeous phone 😻

    56. WeaK Cars Lover!

      What a phone 😍

    57. W DN

      redmi k40 !!

    58. Guile Valdesimo

      UUUGGHHHHHH 🥵🥵 @guile_d

    59. Palmereap

      Nice 😁 I wanna ride and buy that scooter. And have that phone lol 😂. My Twitter is @EmmanuelPalmer

    60. Patricia Portillo

      Love your videos!! @johnnyweedseeds

    61. Karam Hassan Syed

      @karam_jafferi I love this phone. And the TV is 😍

    62. nizar lutfi

      No ads?

    63. £lcídiø "Ciditø" Ørlæñdø

      @oidicle TV FTW

    64. Zakaria Hachadi

      Finely a real Flagship 😍 @zakdeejay

    65. Mahmoud El Shahawy


    66. Brad Moss


    67. Hatem Tr


    68. Hatem Tr


    69. 10whiten99

      That’s a very nice doggo

    70. Aaron Joya Arenas


    71. Foxy__Methoxy


    72. Sanghaboy

      Nice to see some more competition in the tech space.

    73. Prime TechView

      I need oneeee. Twitter: @ultraprimezzy

    74. Mohammed Jassim


    75. Vidit Gupta

      what is that music at 8:54 ??

    76. Ayaz Hussain

      Perhaps most finest quality phone of 2021. @itis_ayaz

    77. Gaurav Nayal

      dude seems like the reviews have started to get boring for you... it shows...prolly why your subs haven't increased in a while

    78. Vamshi Sai Krishna Arelli

      My Twitter handle: @ArelliVamshi I hope I'll win🤞🏻🤞🏻

    79. Vamshi Sai Krishna Arelli

      My Twitter handle: @ArelliVamshi I hope I'll win🤞🏻🤞🏻

    80. Vamshi Sai Krishna Arelli

      My Twitter handle: @ArelliVamshi I hope I'll win🤞🏻🤞🏻

    81. David Zapata


    82. Tanmay Godambe

      My Twitter handle: @Tanmay9829

    83. Chinnu STARK

      amazing camera @chinnustark1

    84. Bewdi boy gaming

      When you are reveal winners name create a video to allows winner

    85. Harsh Sharma

      This phone is perfect in every aspect !! Design - 10/10 , Performance - 10/10 . True Competitor is back . Twitter - @harshatwood (I know I am not lucky enough to hold this phone )

    86. Midhun Rises

      Never been used a flagship so I needs this one ☹️ @BMMidhun2

    87. Arpit Khandelwal

      Twitter: @somearpit

    88. Malik sabb

      hopin..to get it..n8ce device @Ahmad09199269

    89. Nicolas Winter

      @Winter13Nico , Funny how I always need to enter the twitter app to check whats my Twitter profile name xD. Amazing phone Xiaomi!

    90. sana ur rehman

      Interesting @sunnyjutt252

    91. Kabiswor Joshi


    92. Muhammad Haroon

      @haroon_1408 💖💖💖🥺✌

    93. Jeff Finchum

      I don't have twitter....I stay out of that fray....how do we enter from here??

    94. Ameen Babangida

      @AminuBabangida14 twitter handle... Any of xiaomi devices has been my dream phone this year, winning Xiaomi Mi 11 would be a great thing that happen to me this year. Well done sir!

    95. Zaief Parvez


    96. Serj mata

      My dead grandma can run faster then u

    97. Shamsul Islam Hridoy057

      leaving a comment...@rihanhridoyy

    98. Kent Adrian Bituin

      Would probably love having these. 🥺 Twitter: @_adriankent

    99. Eugine Cabeza

      Definitely flagship🏴‍☠️ @AuthenticGine67