Oppo's New Color-Changing Smartphone...

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    The Oppo Reno5 Pro is the most effective color changing smartphone I've ever seen.
    Oppo Reno5 Pro 5G Live Event - kgup.info/get/i3tlpq2XZ3qglns/video
    This video is sponsored by Oppo.
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    1. Unbox Therapy

      Watch the whole video for your chance to win one of these smartphones!

      1. Sam Sarmiento

        I always watch your videos and I wish I could get one of these phone 🥺 Will be a big help for us for our online class. Don't have any money to buy one 😔 God bless and more power

      2. Jean Baltazar

        I seriously need a new phone for my phone keeps lagging 😥it's hard for I have online classes and all but can't afford a new one😥 I've been watching your unboxing on facebook for so long. I hope you'd pick me if you haven't picked a winner yet🙏

      3. Jean Baltazar

        Owww mennnnn😍😍 I wish i could have that😍 I wanna win that🙏

      4. Iftekhar Hussain

        Has he selected any winners It's been a month

    2. Suman Das


    3. Mcrafter Dood

      Introducing the note 10 I mean op oh

    4. Irfan Pirzada

      Is anyone video played at 2160p quality?

    5. Jake Lewis

      Huawei gang right here

    6. Miggy Lloren

      Oppo reno 5 user here😊

    7. Lambert

      i hope i will win

    8. Tenzin Rabjam


    9. sadik shatri

      Oppo Reno5 Pro looks nice for price of araund 400-500€

    10. Arpan Biswas

      oneplus 9 is this only

    11. Amir Saeed

      Watch the whole video for your chance to win one of these smartphones! Please Plzzzzz

    12. Tim Gibson

      Don't have "twitter" but your you should check out George as "BATMAN" Disabled Veteran Southern West Virginia (mudd_bs@yahoo.com)

    13. KC Guy 88

      Anyone know what video that is from @5:58-@6:13?


      Cool looking phone

    15. Daniela Alvarez

      Wow wow

    16. Jyotsna Pimpalkar

      Am I going to win this? 😗

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      nice sharing

    18. Current Reference

      That AI color portrait is awesome

    19. New York City Nyc

      Beautiful phone

    20. Iftekhar Hussain

      Has he selected any winners??? It's almost been a month

    21. Chamindu Prabashwera

      Color os 11 ❤️

    22. ALI ISMAIL

      Christian bale will always be the only batman 🦇

    23. Jithin

      Changes your attitude about oppo well done oppo 👏 👏

    24. Dominic Baltazar


    25. Dinesh Anchan

      Oppo ,oneplus,realme, vivo are all same company just different names its acquired by bbk electronic

    26. O_O Kimbrly_tn

      Me watching this with my oppoA3s😭😭😂I wanted to buy this 😍😍

    27. Aravindh Arivazhagan

      Batman bro😎

    28. MattsCallOptionBrief !

      More like O Poo 💩

    29. Karl alester Jagoriles

      Hi again daddi❤️

    30. Delzy TEch

      Got a one plus 8 interstellar with matte skin looks exactly like it


      Bro Lew. Been a fan a while now. Would like to ask to bring back the audio review for every phone you unbox. Thanks

    32. Zeth Paerunan

      I really like your video and all the descriptions about Oppo Reno 5 Pro ... it really interests me. of course you can't use both cellphones. Can you give me one ... 🙏😁🤭

    33. JC Gaming

      Plot twist: He is retired Bruce Wayne.

    34. Salem Suhel

      😘😘😘😘wow nice phone

    35. Ꮙꅏꅏ ᏉꅏꅏᏉ

      He sounds extra soft here. Still, total hipster.

    36. Lukáš Palát

      Pilsner Urquell is your beer choice Lew? Way to go!

    37. Raymond Wong

      You should find out OPPO X 2021!!! That's awesome!

    38. evahr lirpa

      Wow! Great phone! Awesome unboxing! Yeah

    39. curlsanddietcoke

      Eh, needless gimmic.

    40. Ajiz Khan

      You jast camara reviews 🤷

    41. A . P

      2:17 Samsung note 10+ be like am i a jock to you

    42. Mohsin Ali

      I like this

    43. Abhinav Koppuravuri

      you referred to bat man give me

    44. Jan Cruz

      I don't know why "oddo" sounds funny to me..

    45. Mate Inugi

      Background music is too much

    46. Stream Boy Neol Saranghae MMM and My treasure

      Please notice me I'm living in Philippines please thank you 😊

    47. Eka Kurnia

      Can i have one from your phone, because my phone has broke 🙃🙃

    48. Boudja Oussama

      can somebody guide me to where i can find the soundtrack starting somewhere in the 2:00 mark

    49. Bernandino Lulo

      I like your voice sir so nice ... I like it the 5g can i have that ..

    50. Bygone Chaff


    51. Ahmed Nasef

      Stereo or mono speaker?

    52. MR. KɅT

      Unfortunately it has a hole punch

    53. blaise russo

      Lew go me a new reno please am in Uganda

    54. Aryan Raval

      2:49 that's called refraction because of dispersion of white light

    55. Krish Chhajed

      Realllu want to get this phone 🔥⚡

    56. FlmKrp

      5:38 holy shit the red at the back

    57. clifford aquino

      I hope I can win this, I don't have any phone. I just borrow my friends phone.

    58. Kaishop Sonowal

      Dogecoin to the moon👍👍

    59. demon6937

      that charging animation is very cool

    60. Ben JR


    61. Aaquib Attawala

      3:57 Miss unbox therapy ????

    62. Real Landscape

      Early Unboxing Of OnePlus 9....

    63. Arnel Dela Cruz

      Good day. I'm one of you're biggest fan ever here in the Philippines. For me, the hero that never replaced in my heart is my mom. The woman who’s filled with love and compassion, the woman who has selflessly dedicated half her life for me, for us. Thank you for all the sacrifices and love. I hope will win, and chosen one's. This is the best bday gift for me. Sorry I don't have any Twitter account. Godbless and more power.

    64. toccca potato

      The charging animation is something else . Imagine standing in your in room looking at your phone charging not because you need but because you like how it charges. ^^

    65. Trooper Gaming

      i am using nokina e72 i need this phone

    66. Unbox phone

      Amazing smart phone

    67. Redman UK

      When will this launch in the UK?

    68. Ibrahim Ahmed

      that is the exact same as the oneplus 8T

    69. Ter 30

      I like that charging animation,sick

    70. Fazreen Faroque

      a week later im watching this video ...!!! missed the chance to get this beast..!!!! it's cool when you're reviewing these kind of mobiles ...!! and you're studio is super cool...!!

    71. Low Quality Memes

      I want one but I don't have money to buy it 😑

    72. Alexander Daniel

      Also don't forget the phone camara square and the top of the phone glows in the dark

    73. _

      Skylarx wireless hdmi

    74. pratik dingankar




    76. 2FaceBaby

      bro no one kid has twiter yu got go and do it on ig

    77. Soufiane M

      Will the Chinese win the smartphone game? Who knows

    78. prince of persia

      sir pls give me ✌️

    79. Andromeda

      These Chinese smartphone companies are really pumping out impressive products.

    80. niklas davind

      anybody else miss the 2.5d screen glass?

    81. Ermelious

      Its all cool and sleek and high-end but it is missing the Headphone Jack.

    82. Sir, Joseph George

      @unboxtherapy yoh where is williydu

    83. Edu Inform

      Hope I can win

    84. iZeus

      2:35 Me when my friend tries to hide a secret!

    85. dhoo dhia

      2:08 what's the name of that soundtrack

    86. Aashu Tosh

      0:23 whats up with ICC?

    87. Ram Khiladi

      This is oppo one of the best phone really like this snd givaway

    88. Arsalan Farooq

      I am using Reno 4 Pro. And believe me. It's a beast phone for everyday usage.

    89. Yaish Meow

      is this guy in batmans secret base from the dark knight rises or?...

    90. Mustafa Naveed

      So yes!! Officially am not taking this Oneplus 9. Thank You all

    91. Aji Halfa

      Realme v15: am I a joke to you?

    92. Bill Kelly

      Oppos batteries last one year

    93. Bill Kelly

      Is this guy okay? Pretty sure he has no clue what he is talking about.....great tech guy....he should do videos on mute.

    94. Raed Ghazal

      The background music and everything about the channel is annoying now ! Im outahere

    95. Josh Dean

      More fake giveaways . Jeez

    96. NISHA BABU

      My phone is literally about to die I tweeted over 200times still lew didn't see it Please coment

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    99. Froilan Fabon

      Oppo really did a GREAT JOB with the design of Reno5 Pro 5G... really gorgeous.

    100. Knight Bar

      That's how my friend was he changed color every moment