The BIGGEST Foldable I've Ever Unboxed...

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    The X1 Fold is a completely new take on the "Laptop".
    Check out the Lenovo X1 Fold here -
    This video is sponsored by Lenovo.
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    1. Thomas Waller

      I just saw an advert for this and thought, inbox therapy will have an unboxing and h re we are

    2. Drive & See the world

      wait one year till the price goes down, then i could affort this angle.

    3. devicemodder

      from lenovo's site: World's first foldable pc... Let me introduce you to the Toshiba Liberetto W100...

    4. Godchi1d Von Steuben

      It's a Win-book. Or a touch-book.

    5. Godchi1d Von Steuben

      I love it. Can't wait to get one! Need a new P.C. anyway, cheap excuse to buy that!

    6. Firdaus Ibrahim

      can I have this laptop. I want to become a injection moulding CAE

    7. Kasra Haghighi

      My X1 fold stopped working after 2 weeks of mild use. When I sent it for service, they don’t have parts! Disappointing battery and quality!!!

    8. Suman Das


    9. Shubham Pathak

      This is better than any foldable phone. This is hands down the best use of foldable OLED screen.

    10. Aldon Santo

      This laptop can turn into a tablet, computer, laptop.

    11. Ez Target

      If it had HDMI ...

    12. Mustafezur Rhaman Shovon

      love from BD

    13. Zeke Yeager

      Crap all aside : can it game tho????

      1. Hailey Fox

        Uuuuuuuuuuuuh not its point?

    14. Lee Hao Jie

      this laptop is sooo convenient

    15. Myth1cxll

      Lol imagine tvs folding into laptops.

    16. the best gamer

      i have an oled laptop

    17. Grant Odle

      I low key wanna try that computer

    18. Maaz Muhammad Siddiq

      can it run gta 5 ?

    19. Carson Dombrock

      Are you kidding me it's 2500 dollars you can buy a very nice PC and nice monitors with that kinda dough

    20. Paddu gampasri

      interesting foldable I have seen yet. Not including the rollable phone

    21. amazing tech tips

      Biggest foldable i have ever folded

    22. vedansh behl

      imagine in few years an invisible phone

    23. NoSkill PG3D

      Does the pen have the S pen gesture thing on the note 10 and newer?

    24. Hanif Crafton

      I want this

    25. LIVED 2

      I am sorry...that is ugly...the keybord...nonsence



    27. Dalton Phillips

      Foldable laptop lol

    28. Frankie Polyak

      I got pretty excited about this until I realized it has a price tag of $2800.

    29. The Magic


    30. Wake No.


    31. Shivanand. Tiwari


    32. Clay Anderson

      This... This is exactly where the focus of foldable tech needs to be. There is a definitive benefit to having this fold and based on this video, it looks like lenovo killed it.

    33. Sebastian m

      No matter how big the foldable is, it's still a gimmick.👌

    34. Pablo González

      2.8k € for this while you can get for 1.1k a MacBook Air with the new M1. Not there yet Lenovo.

    35. Pasindu Nawoda

      #100 FREEI iphone 12

    36. Sindhuja Sindhu


    37. sagar reddy


    38. mark brown

      wow now that is one of the most unique innovative foldable with an awesome amazing mobile keyboard definitely worth taking my money

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    40. Nilesh Shukla

      0.1% people who are helping me reach 1k ❤️ may your parents live more then 100 years 😇 with good health💝 God Bless Them 💝💝

    41. Max Cohagen

      i want a foldable TV....60"....folding out to 100" woa

    42. Zachary Hickman

      Lmao my laptop folds

    43. SONU

      Can you give me a iphone for my study I don't have any phone

    44. Ratty

      I wish it could fold the other way so you can use half the screen

    45. Connor Callaway

      Foldable screens are the stupidest thing ever lol.

    46. Anaya M

      My eye's just can not believe that foldables are back but sophisticated 😪

    47. Enrael01

      Its $2500 USD. You’re poor dear reader. You ain’t gonna get it. You’re welcome.

    48. Quietus Plus

      Foldable almost seems more logical in this form factor. The protection concerns are less of a problem, it's not in your pocket, scratching less likely. This actually makes more sense than the foldable phones.

    49. Anaya M


    50. NuggetBucket

      Sometimes I wonder how they expect the average person to get one of these because that is wayyy out of a lot of people's price range

    51. NuggetBucket

      They need a feather duster for these shoots honestly

    52. rodrigolin

      When do you think there will be an Apple version of it? I'm guessing 2025

    53. stefan kyriacou

      If Lenovo figured out how to get the pen working on a foldable screen, then what's stopping Samsung with their foldable phone?

    54. Joshuva Bhaskaran

      Who can give you this type of things?

    55. awais ahmed

      feel like it should have had quad speakers for that price

    56. Dr.Quackduck

      It's been a long time since I've watched your stuff man. You seem so much more calm than you used to. Or is it just me?

    57. rai11801

      where the red little thumb stick on the keyboard.

    58. EJ !

      I see this and Im like "OHHHHHHHHH!" but then I click the link and then Imma like "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

    59. marvin barrera

      Did he just said folding laptops😑😑😑

    60. Paul Joseph Salgado

      Hi I'm from the philippines I have no reason to believe me but I can tell you I'm student, my phone is really bad can I get any phone for my online class because mommy talled me she cannot buy a phone I follow u on IG

    61. sahil sewambar

      If it has a foldable screen does the stylus not damage the screen?

    62. DveevD

      wow he is not a screaming adhd kid in this video.

    63. Midora Kat

    64. True Story

      Already have a thinkpad carbon and LOVE it. Take my money thinkpad.... just take it.

    65. True Story

      I was like "Oh neat, foldy, but on screen keyboard blah blah blaaaah...... HOLD UP!" That keyboard makes this thing.

    66. 3spewky5me

      "A foldable laptop" So, like every laptop then?

    67. j c

      Lew PLEASE make a video on how the iPhone 12 pro / max can’t focus up close and how Apple is ignoring it. There are only 1 or 2 videos about it.

    68. Lukee Cle


    69. Tien

      Got such a luxury retro-future look and feel. looks like something used by a rich CEO from a cyberpunk film like Bladerunner or sci-fi like Startrek.

    70. Dynamite May

      Finally a tech that I actually want

    71. MutantDinoGamer

      well a laptop is already foldable

      1. Curious Entertainment

        They just made a foldable iPad basically.

    72. Philip Chan

      What an elegant design! That should be what the future laptop/tablet going to be.

    73. ThiccBoi27

      "What about folding laptops" well..

    74. MrBugatii12

      ThinkPad used to make the cheapest laptops for my middle school, they have came a long way

    75. sina Nazari

      Can this X1 run call of duty MW3? LOL

    76. Humble Be9st

      So bad ass, deffinately looks like a high end tablet

    77. All For One


    78. SciFiGuyUSA

      Wow, for that price you can get a nice gamer laptop.

      1. grunchi de trap

        These type of comments are always beyond retarded. This is a concept, a first generation product. It's not meant to be a good value.

    79. Karim Mohamed


    80. Saurabh Patel

      In short it's useless

    81. ri58x Gaming

      can you buy one of those i dont have a laptop and i want to do a unboxing video on my channel and pleas give me a shout out

    82. Apollo 440

      Mentioned it before, but here it is again: Notebooks of the future are with one half being a onscreen keyboard/screen, no physical keys.

      1. Apollo 440

        ​@Curious Entertainment indeed you do, unless one of those projector-keyboards comes preinstalled within the device. I still wonder - why this format (virtual keyboard on one half of the screen) has not been demonstrated on this particular device. Obviously - they didn't read my comment yet.

      2. Curious Entertainment

        I believe that that will be the unfortunate future but you sacrifice a significant amount of screen to do that.

    83. Seetha Sing

      Such a great device.

    84. zkeetskeet

      Why isn't anybody talking about the bezels on this thing .

    85. Gil AMV

      I still remember the old video of the prototype being reviewed by lew, nice tech tbh.

    86. BlaccAssZoe

      “Definitely “

    87. MrRoomba

      6:32 DOG

    88. Abby Normal

      Can it play Rocket league?

    89. Joel Jaison

      Great video 🔥🥵

    90. NuggetMaate

      Would live to see this form factor running chrome os

    91. Matti Ur Rehman

      how is he playing video and yet have no internet connection see the icon down there 3:44

    92. Wara A.

      @Lenovo, how about A3 size , NO crease AT ALL and weight less than a kilo !?

    93. R.Ananth vlogs

      We want in ur home tour plz

    94. Bhuwan Budathoki


    95. Abdalrahman Almehelmy

      Thinkpads are the most legit products by Lenovo. Well along with some legion stuff. I honestly think they could just throw away all the other projects and focus on those two.

    96. Parth Agrawal

      Pramod 😂😂😂

    97. Cedblaze

      This is the sexiest Think Pad Ive ever witnessed.💻💻💻

    98. Benjamin Robinson

      I don’t know about anyone else but I have no desire to ever buy a device with a foldable screen.

    99. Landon Anderson

      Man says foldable LAPTOPS like um do we not have those

    100. Bljetmen

      The most useless piece of tech