The Elon Musk Smartphone...

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    The Elon Musk smartphone he may have no idea exists...
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    1. Кенжетайұлы

      It's an iPhone lmao with some cover

    2. Sachin 17EC434


    3. мария суханова

      Tai buvo beveik toks pat puikus pokalbis, kaip pirmasis Rogano / Musko pokalbis ... tada jie pradėjo kalbėti apie pandemiją, kuri nė vienas iš mūsų nepažįsta. Elono muskusas yra legenda ir motyvavo mane į kriptovaliutą, ir man pasisekė rasti šią teisėtą kompaniją su šia teisėta moterimi prekybininke, vadinama Mai_trades per instagramą, kuri išmokė mane prekiauti bitkoinais neprarandant, Dievas palaimins ją gausiai...

    4. Mark Sheldon

      Dies war ein fast so großartiges Gespräch wie das erste Gespräch zwischen Rogan und Moschus ... dann sprachen sie über die Pandemie, ein Thema, das keiner mehr kennt als der Rest von uns. Elon Moschus ist eine Legende und hat mich zur Kryptowährung motiviert. Ich habe das Glück, diese legitime Firma mit dieser legitimen Händlerin namens Mai_trades über Instagram zu finden, die mir beigebracht hat, wie man Bitcoin ohne Verlust handelt. Gott segne sie reichlich..

    5. Suman Das


    6. Harvey Fernandez

      hey can you plz do a review on a phone called bazardodo they have led light iphone cases and the art are pretty sick looking i’d wanted to buy one but like i didn’t wanna buy it without looking into it more

    7. дмитрий дорофеев

      This was almost as great a conversation as the first Rogan/Musk talk... then they started talking about the pandemic, a subject neither knows any more than the rest of us. Elon musk is a legend and motivated me into cryptocurrency and i'm lucky to find this legit company with this legit female trader called Mai_trades via instagram who taught me how to trade bitcoin without lost,God bless her abundantly!!

    8. Micinorm Magyarország

      OMG I taught I could ever become be rich untill I met the expert forex female manager called Mai_trades via Instagram, she gave me guidelines on good trading strategy👍

    9. AdoraBLeeK

      I kind of hoped there'd be a comment by Elon Musk on this video ngl

    10. T A

      So it's got a shiny cover with some old tin foil. Is that it? The phone coming out in 12 months is better than it. It's not got better hardware. Probably the extra metal reduces the phone signal and internet speed. Can you test it how much slower this is?

    11. ST4R11B0Y

      You make this masterpiece and make it around Elon and all space x have achieved and its 1 of 1.... But you deccide to send it to Unbox therapy. Nice

    12. Roger Skagerström

      Tacky crap with chenglish writing :P I did like the metal thing on the back of the phone. But all in all it was tacky AF :p

    13. Big Jumbo


    14. Big Jumbo

      Nearly $10,000 people.

    15. Big Jumbo

      The crystal is probably a polished piece of meteorite. Would hope so anyway for the price.

    16. Big Jumbo

      I hope it can go to the moon.

    17. RoyalElite

      so ugly lmao. if i saw this out in the wild idc how rich they are im roasting their tacky ass

    18. Christopher Jollie

      Ok so kind of crazy but... I built part of CRS-14😅 I’m a Mechanical Technician at Northrop Grumman and spent countless hours putting this thing together. Would love to have this memorabilia because my actual blood, sweat, and tears might be on this Mylar Foil. (JK it’s an ultra clean facility hahaha)

    19. Konstantin Smirnov

      piece of mars, rly??

    20. Babita Das

      Nice phone☺️☺️

      1. Babita Das




    22. Omar Qavollari

      I allready knew that it will probably be an af1

    23. Ryan Marshall

      An expensive way to get space radiation! Then those Q balls will claim it's from the cellphone and 5G network, not the space rock

    24. Dimitris Galenteris

      I think that it is landing than lifting

    25. King_Gamin

      Can I have an iPhone and mac book pro please I been subscribed to ur KGup and everything please man I really want it god bless you and the people behind the camera please can I have an iPhone and MacBook Pro please

    26. A.K. K.A.

      People who can afford these kind of things are not watching KGup videos, believe me.

    27. Soulife

      I wonder how much they pay Apple to be allowed to resell their phones rebranded. This is essentially a legal Escobar phone.

    28. Alex G.

      aaaaaand they are made in Bangladesh by some ugly dude with no teeth or kids that are paid with 1 to 3 $ a day

    29. EmjayHQ

      and the sale proceeds go to a greedy guy named musk

    30. Francisco Ebitner

      Wow a rocket shoes fly on NBA

    31. Paddu gampasri

      how the most expensive things

    32. K josh

      The studio looking so futuristic

    33. K josh

      The studio looking so futuristic

    34. Moein Mirjalili


    35. ABHISHEK

      eion musk watching this😭

    36. Scarecrow2405

      Where I‘ll get his sweater?

    37. Who am I

      They try so hard to push this space agenda

    38. vedansh behl

      some things only Alon Musk can do

    39. Cc K

      Lol who would buy these?🤣

    40. kjm 1955

      Watching this video shows how pointless smart phones are getting, unless you can make it work like a Star Trek Phaser video reviews like this will be a thing of the past.

    41. Zax Game Inn

      I wish those folks who buy these phones be transported to Mars, with the first Flight.



    43. W W

      Space isnt real

    44. Revenger 211

      How was the phone in space if elon wasn't involved..

    45. Pernell Brodie

      Space Force Ones...

    46. Avinash Poojary

      Hey unbox Therapy, Talk about Worlds most viewed Teaser KGF2

    47. The Magic


    48. Bryan Ciacco

      What a bunch of garbage! Some spray paint on an air force one shoe where they literally just painted over the logo bahahaha what a joke! That's worse than Thailand knock offs!

    49. Subham Dey

      I phone? Bull🐂shot

    50. Shivanand. Tiwari


    51. Jason Tsai

      Another stupid expensive phone that no one will buy

    52. Sindhuja Sindhu


    53. sagar reddy

      I just love the unboxing

    54. Nagendra Kannan

      Who watched after Elon Musk become a world's richest man 💰💵⚖️

    55. Jerry C.

      😳 wow


      should change channel name to ( unboxing way too expensive stuff ) oh wait throw some earbudz at end of vid for us common folk love it lol

    57. Over Heated EsKim0

      It's got his signature on it so i would imagine he was involved to some degree.

    58. Adrian Benedict

      Why are you in batman's hide out ?????

    59. Little B

      The Elon Musk Smartphone... is it faster than an iphone 12?

    60. Starhopper

      I need one of these, but I can't afford one, plus it's an iPhone, and I'm a firm samsung user

    61. Snehal Rao

      Aap ke paas bohot paisa hai

    62. Room prisoner The dreamer

      Please, good people, people of good hearts. Help us die from hunger and cold, and our children die from hunger and cold. We are in a country that has been displaced by war and our children are orphaned. We have no helper but God please help us

    63. Damian Moss

      That phone will be history sooner or later and a lot more money 💰

    64. GhoST Squad

      "Now of course there's 2 of them".... Wuuut I thought there's gonna be only 1 shoe in it.... I didn't know you get a pair of shoes when you buy one....

    65. DaRkdAyZ827

      Dope shoes 👍

    66. SciMax

      Elon Musk is now the richest person in the world

    67. Dotty Cross

      I don’t buy anything branded but if it’s Elon I would because I know my money would go to science exploration

    68. babu shah

      shout out too , elon musk , lol

    69. Akshay N

      Can you do a review on the premiere lsp9t?

    70. Ryan Olsen

      Both items look incredibly silly.

    71. Charles Turner

      Thing on the show is called a aglet like this post if you also found this out from phineous and ferb

    72. ÀMine Àlonzúx

      Can you make my 2021 Great by sending me an iPhone ?😥

    73. Unboxing Kid 1.0


    74. goku

      I also have hand painted shoes by myself and they looks way better thn these garbage they are slling at thousand of dollars 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    75. Eliud Ruiz

      a new smart phone made of metal might be an affordable cell phone

    76. SONU

      Can you give me a iphone for my study I don't have any phone

    77. Daniel Arciniega


    78. I'M POSSIBLE

      So it’s just an iPhone. Absolutely ZERO to see here.

    79. CN Ndegwa

      Space themed Nike cap. Nice one Lew.

    80. Anaya M

      Woah did he just say titanium?

    81. Ankit Kumar

      Shoutout to Elon Musk, does he really need that 🤔🤔


      Its a customesed cased iphone 12😂

    83. CODGODS11

      Hey lew you a unbox museum, it would be nice so people can visit

    84. God

      I didn’t know batman started an unboxing on his underground lair

    85. Ciprian Petreacă

      wound of be nice if they actually used to design a part of the case from actual metals of the shuttle for the huge amounts you pay for a little peace of mylar foil ??

    86. Shubhanshu Sharma


    87. PurpleDrip

      this means shit

    88. Arceus

      is it just me or Lew really seems less energetic here 🤔


      Raid By Tech Burner 🔥

    90. ALPHA 99

      Unbox Therapy : Let’s Unbox something else Factories : Sorry now there are no boxes left

    91. Eric Hernandez

      Why is it my note 10+ still wins?

    92. Ellli N

      Another cool phone, another dream of getting a Note 8

    93. Jam Ram

      Can only be charged at approved TESLA charge stations...🤣

    94. APPLE 1

      worthless crap.

    95. bryanarriaga7


    96. REDEX

      Ok those sneakers look very good


      Drop test?!!!

    98. mike jordan

      I don’t care how rich spend there money

    99. psedog

      I would sport those shoes. Screw throwing them up on a shelf.

    100. Yusuf Akhtar