The World's First Gaming Massage Chair

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    The OSIM uThrone brings real massage to your desk and gaming setup.
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    This video is sponsored by OSIM.
    From 24th Dec - 3rd Jan 2021, purchasers of the OSIM Gaming Massage Chair in key territories (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore) will receive a FREE uVision 3 Eye Massager when they use the promotional code UNBOXOSIM upon checkout. This promotion is on a while stocks last basis only.
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    1. Unbox Therapy



        @Hap Mew pp

      2. Voidisyinyang Voidisyinyang

        it's Vinyl PVC toxic fumes - Cancer Chair.

      3. Arvind Paikrao

        @Alberta Boham hi

      4. Arvind Paikrao

        @Jijil nice👍👍👌

      5. Arvind Paikrao

        @Gerardo Razo 🤪😜😝🤗🤗✌✌

    2. MadMango37

      My only thoughts for a downside is when you are just wanting to use the chair and not the massage part, is there a spot the nodes can go where they don’t bother you while sitting..

    3. Sachin 17EC434

      Hello doggo❤️

    4. Jay Dc5em1

      Still waiting on my chair to be delivered have been waiting over 2 months

    5. Deepak v

      I want to look at Alan Harper's reaction after 5years of college.

    6. Andrei Taranu

      Looked into buying one. The website is really shady, not even a price quote. The only thing you can do there is fill out a form where you give them your age, phone number and other totally irrelevant pieces of personal info.

    7. JM_04

      Like China is selling that for under $50USD since 2016. Ain't the first, I tell you that.

    8. Ishan Singh

      watching this video sitting on my green soul gaming chair

    9. Mike

      Worlds 1st gaming chair

    10. a b

      He sounded like a demon summoning the Satan at the end 🤣

    11. Dank Dreamz

      The future was always now.

    12. ItsRubik

      0:00 Hahahahaha

    13. Tristan Taylor

      Hey unbox therapy i ordered one of these chairs and it said it would ship mid jan but it didn't I've emailed osim 6 times within 2 weeks no reply starting to get worried i got ripped off 1000 I used your code and everything

    14. lilian's boxed chocolates

      lew are you okay?

    15. Wilson ArmijosAlban

      Imma literally get on it and lose all my games

    16. Cj Cook

      Really kylo ren was just wearing an eye massager the whole time and it was litterally throwing him into another dimension with rey to talk to her

    17. Elissa Kayle

      Should've considered footrest 👀

    18. Paddu gampasri


    19. hello there

      he's in Batmans cave from the dark night

    20. Shooza

      Chair looks like Naruto's suit

    21. Enough is Enough

      I've had a massaging gaming chair for ages

    22. vedansh behl

      only hardcore gamer will realize its importance

    23. Ben Nicholls




    25. Crescent Creeper

      I feel extremely uncomfortable watching this video...

    26. Holy Papayas

      can't wait!!!!!

    27. PRIYA K


    28. Charlie Rick

      in China , you can find this kinda chairs everywhere in the shopping mall

    29. nipuna rajapaksa

      but it can t do wht pewds chair can do

    30. megalexantros

      An EYE massager?? Sounds like exactly what I would avoid forever. I've never even heard of that before. I think

    31. mark brown

      You know I was talking about someone should create a gaming chair and the practicality of a massage chair and little did we know someone was already working on it ヾ(≧▽≦*)o take my money 💰ヾ(•ω•`)o

    32. person1860

      The armrests looks like shit

    33. himanshu kumarsambhav

      2:35 ; Dog ;All right I'll be off.

    34. Shivanand. Tiwari


    35. Sindhuja Sindhu



      so funny

    37. sagar reddy

      I wish I had it

    38. Trippie Bluee

      can we get a tour of that room

    39. Siddhartha Sharma

      when are they gonna pull the person inside the chair out lol

    40. Jurong Otter

      Wow, a Singaporean brand made it. Also, it’s called O-Sim

    41. Play Waves

      Not the worlds first by any means.

    42. Parker Otto Ackley

      WHAT,,,,,NO HEATER ??

    43. Simon Kradjian

      When the seat costs more than your gaming setup

    44. TrueGold88

      It'll probably barely survive a year, It'll be broken easily.

    45. Moein Mirjalili


    46. Irshaad Lutchka

      u rock!!

    47. Yug Lakhtaria Arts

      That chair scares me!!!!!

    48. Rachit Singh

      Jack: aims at the dog Dog: uh oh Jack: still shooting Dog: its better i run away or lew might unbox me too

    49. Owen Chua

      It's pronounced OH-SIM. And it's from Singapore, the same country one of the founders of Razer is born and raised from.

    50. Jay

      How much even is it?

    51. SONU

      Can you give me a iphone for my study I don't have any phone

    52. ZOKOHOFA music

      The next.

    53. Anaya M

      Total sophistication of gaming chairs🔥 Might need one though

    54. peW p3w

      ! ✨🖤✨ !

    55. Toaster Buttles

      Yeah what a great idea, I can pay a thousand dollars to tether my chair to a plug and run over the cord every ten seconds. Great idea guys!

    56. Quietus Plus

      Might wanna censor that close to moose knuckle there bud

    57. Glen Borbe

      I'm pretty sure Karl Conrad would love to have this chair especially because of the color orange. 😏

    58. Altyn Dom

      Looks very cheap especially the stitching and the buttons for the controls.Made in China baby.

    59. Yusuf Akhtar

      Oh yeah

    60. Cuplex

      Wow, does it come with a happy ending extension as well? 😀😎

    61. Austin_B33l

      I wish that’s amazing

    62. Star Lord

      What $899 For A gaming CHAIR the Worlds Gone TOTALLY MADD

    63. Matthew Bono

      for 800, this looks like complete dogshit. approaching Herman miller prices, but with Ikea feel

    64. Tim Bandz

      Anyone notices the logo is highly similar to The Black Mamba logo ? 🤔 I smell copyright

    65. Ebenezer Lanyoh

      i can feel that massage right here

    66. Felix Garcia

      Damn it lew this year was for saving. Now I want this chair 🤦🏽‍♂️

    67. Kacper Dzieniak

      I still Think that ergonomic chairs arę much better

    68. Chris hick

      STOP SAYING TREMENDOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your not trump bro

    69. ALPHAfanitic

      it's not the first one but its possibly the largest one lmao

    70. Ethan Hurst

      This studio looks like batman basement

    71. kejko


    72. DragonBane Rules

      I think you are wrong, have your little brother sit behind you while you are sitting in your gaming chair and he will kick it whenever he loses in an among usbrip off game whole balancing a fidget spinner on his thumb not zipping his pants (my brother only)

    73. Massagist Life

      Good Gaming Massage Chair. I want to have it too)

    74. Wombat

      Why does this guy dress like hes hoping to get signed to an athletic company - for lifting 15-20 lbs on the job.

    75. Fuad Simon

      8:37 i`m getting Uzaki-chan Vibe

    76. Tim Bertrand


    77. Aman 33

      It literally costs $1600. Better buy a MacBook pro

    78. scaroz

      The errr sound was weird 😂

    79. غلام الله اربابی

      Mi 11

    80. N V

      the bass of your mike is a little too high. it´s annoying to be honest :S

    81. Burhanuddin A

      Anyone here rich who sees his vids and then says yeah I m gonna buy it now get me one too fr 😭

    82. Ray Dagher

      Is there a lever that will tilt the whole chair ?

    83. El Patron

      That chair logo is kobe's brand what the f

    84. Ali Z

      Hey granny your forgot to bootlick Elon Musk, your last attempts at overthrowing U.S democracy. Delusion of replacing California with Texas LMAOOOOO

    85. King of Cups

      Depends can't be far behind...

    86. Shakir Obaid

      included paid promotion?

    87. Kynan LinJunzhe

      Designed for Linus

    88. MAD MAX

      Oooh ya

    89. Pepe God

      I want one, I play soduko.

    90. GamesSeeker

      this isnt the first one by the way

    91. Dain Anderson

      Can't wait to try the eye massager

    92. Charles HM

      Haha the beginning was very interesting

    93. CKPHH

      How Good are they Lew?

    94. Paul Joseph Salgado

      Hi I'm from the philippines I have no reason to believe me but I can tell you I'm student, my phone is really bad can I get any phone for my online class because mommy talled me she cannot buy a phone I follow u on IG

    95. JDAS OLO

      It can rub my nipples if I sit the other way 🙂

    96. Rafael Monares Santillan

      Nice chair!! Good Peomo.....Code. jajajaja

    97. Queen of Stories

      “Fun Facts”: You Can’t Breathe While Smiling. Joking , Just Wanted To Make You Smile :)))❤❤💚💛💛

      1. sunil Sarvaiya

        Shut p bot

      2. MsAYAD2012


    98. K3zz0

      Nice video keep it up! I would be happy if u subscribe me 😇

    99. SISKO CEO

      Oh, I have these. They r sicc

    100. Didi

      getting that batman vibes dude