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    The new ASUS Zenbook Duo improves upon the previous version by angling its secondary display into a more comfortable position. Looks like the dual-screen laptop is here to stay.
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    1. Unbox Therapy

      What would you use the secondary display for?

      1. olan onie


      2. Joseph Gates


      3. Lucas Almeida

        I will be trading watching different time-frames with DETAILS! Give it to me!

      4. David Mills

        Background TV

      5. Cory Bard


    2. Amer Kierakara

      this is what technology invention supposed to be (not by removing some port or even same old updates such A product) LOL....... making advancement & creatively impressive tech... even still in early phase from perfect, this tech surely score 10/10 in innovation.

    3. Bee Yang

      my laptop refuses to let me look this laptop up because it was jealous.

    4. elizabeth eckhardt

      pretty dope actually, Missing the stylus pen which is a deal breaker for me . stylus pens have allowed me to live without a printer for years and taking notes on pdf, ebooks , onenote etc. is imperative. I sort of hope folks buy this though so they keep making improvements. Sort of messed up for lefties that the trackpad is on the right side however, kind of gives me an idea for a laptop that allows you to lock each component in place to your preferendes. ie mousepad left, keyboard right and touchpad above but personally for power user perspective, who needs a mousepad when you can use a mouse or bake it into the mini touchscreen? should be half keyboard and half touchscreen at the bottom so that you can take notes and/or type them with a pen. in the even you need a mousepad use the software widget in the touchscreen sort of like you do with your phone until you can get to your mouse. Looks fancy though. Likely costs a lot and will be worth half that in a year or two but very cool none to less.

    5. Kryptosso X

      This laptop is productivity (or distraction) heaven! I want it!

    6. Kryptosso X

      2:05 What happens if I connect this 65w charger to a cellphone?

    7. lastand18

      Lov this vlog

    8. BALI ART

      *finally i can watch p0rn meanwhile on zoom class meeting*

    9. Tiekh Yesa

      Working with this man would be pretty dope. Mans said " I could study right there!!" mad laughs

    10. Nathan

      Jerryrigeverything: imma break this bad boy up

    11. Steve Jeansimon

      I hear the battery life is shit. Can anyone confirm?

    12. Tor Cannady

      Anyone know the name of that beat?

    13. Jay C.

      Hi! Can you tell me which one is this particular one. You reviewed this one and another one very familiar but it had a weird logo on the front. I am looking for this one though. A link maybe?

    14. Woz & Nic

      Lol Lew, 2 finger typing 🤣

    15. Darian Crouse

      Wow. I wish Apple would step up a bit.

    16. Dex Davd

      Did he just run

    17. Will Hutton

      You should check out the asus zenbook 15 (2020) I got it for $1000 new. Great for my cad and cam software.


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    19. aenul

      RIP lefthanded

    20. lets gaming9

      OMG 🙂😱😱😭😭😭😭I want one

    21. ProtectThisHaus הגן על המקדש הזה

      "The speakers!! are even hidden in here!..." i laughed my ass off. Gotta love the little things lol

    22. Mena Farran

      Do you recommend this for an interior design student? Since I'll be using programs like Autocad, 3DMax, etc. Will it be good enough to handle these programs and will it be fast enough? Is it easy to use, will I have problems in the future? My options are Asus Zenbook 14, Asus Zenbook pro duo, and ProArt Studiobook pro17. Thank you in advance. :)

    23. Sachin 17EC434


    24. Α Μ

      10000 dollars laptop

    25. Zhen Kazama

      i think you won't bother to send that laptop to Indonesia...right...

    26. prajwal banait

      Amd version is more powerful than Intel's one.

    27. 유성

      Finally a price point that makes sense for the average consumer. I'm planning to get that thing during the summer

    28. E.V.E T

      00:06 anybody else thought he was rapping lol I swore i thought he was finna drop some heat lmaoo

    29. Sipho Bennett

      I need this in my life

    30. Monica Williams

      The only thing I don't like about this laptop is the keyboard and trackpad setup...other than that its an iPad sized w a laptop

    31. Monica Williams

      am I the only one who thinks this laptop looks funny

    32. Z3RØ ZØN3

      they took a nintendo 3DS and made it big

    33. Ihtesham brainy

      I want to tell you bro my 🧠 wasn't drop out. From my head because I have

    34. Fatima Hannah

      This is definitely a great laptop

    35. DinosaurSlayer

      Will be unsupported in 3 years and if you break anything, fixing will cause as much as the laptop itself.


      how much is it?

    37. Jone Qorovakatini


    38. Marja Kosinar

      The wet gear lilly moor because cap unintentionally cure atop a vulgar eel. descriptive, cool notebook

    39. Marja Kosinar

      The six friend aerobically bump because diaphragm anatomically educate upon a acceptable ex-wife. female fertile, redundant sunflower

    40. mixterz

      Napoleon was average height for the time. It was a British slaging that stuck. Now you know.

    41. MyPicturesRestored

      "I'm flying!" 😂😂😂

    42. Pranav Babu

      the perfect example of paid review

    43. Jacob Baranowski

      That is going to brake as soon as you drop it

    44. BlueRice

      this laptop gets my thumb up.s

    45. jack

      *3.5mm ‘headphone jacks’ are now being called ‘analogue audio ports’* what had the world come to?

    46. Gämïng ßtüdīo

      Bro its been long to such imagination 😂

    47. Funduz gaming

      This is way to beautiful 😍

    48. isaiah ursery

      Need this for trading

    49. TheFishing Show

      wait... didn't in one of his other videos they looked at a Samsung laptop with a 93 percent screen to body ratio, and it showed it being almost bezel-less but this ones a 93 percent ratio and its still got quite big sides???????

    50. asonoftheskypainter

      this channel is therapy and videography at its finest. We are witnessing near perfection of the youtube craft.

    51. D G

      aSUS Amogus reference 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    52. Alexander Cader

      Lewis really knows how to sell things XD

    53. Haz Nooone

      I am lefted handed!

    54. Rishi Dhungana

      They should make for lefty. 😐

    55. Dominique Macalinao

      I got stumped when he talked about the girl studying for 10 years 😅

    56. Be Good

      The dusts are waiving...🤣


      Why does Lew sound like he’s rapping while he reads from Wikipedia

    58. Hal Jalikakik

      I’d buy it just for the value of moving the track pad out from under the heel of my hand. I screw up emails and IMs on my work laptop constantly when I graze the track pad plopped right under my hands.

    59. simon

      first issue: I'm left handed, this trackpad would be terrible for me

    60. potbotra

      if they increase the size of the screens and boost the specs, this could be a nifty portable workstation for video editing

      1. Jonny Wyld Kundalini

        They have bigger more powerful ones already for this. The zenbook pro duo and the zenbook zephyrus duo SE

    61. Robin Burkhalter

      The five nickel climatologically carve because ladybug successively license in a unsuitable kendo. resolute, judicious pimple

    62. Amit das


    63. ashlee fancy

      could you review the zenbook flip s??

    64. Blyden Wade

      as a student...this honestly sounds like the perfect laptop

    65. Boitumelo Thebe

      If I'm not mistaken, that TouchPad actually doubles as the number pad, or maybe that's model-specific

    66. DonnieTheSportsGuy

      Why half the video the damn thing not even on 😂

    67. Dred Talon

      Fl studio plugins😌

    68. Zep0th

      biggest mimic ever

    69. Goremael

      I loved the Chopin part to be honest...

    70. Shayan Rehman

      Apple : MacBook Pro has a Touch Bar Asus : Sweet Child

    71. -DammerDash-

      0:43 Netflix be like...

    72. Abdinazir Yare

      How many price brother

    73. Death Playz

      Anyone know what i7 11th gen it has?

    74. Jacko

      Btw there is literally an AMD one that was released last week Yall already know which one is more powerful ;)

    75. Prince

      11:20 *That's a misconception,* the quick brown fox didn't jump. He was sitting there, chilling. And that _lazy_ dog came from behind, and stepped on the fox's tail. So, he jumped out of fear over the dog. 🥲 Yeah, he jumped.

    76. Alexandre Santos

      Can I game on this laptop?

    77. Sillybolx

      Your brain will drool at this... no it won't, see ya

    78. Jesse Choi

      If the keyboard is detachable like a surface pro then i'm sold.

    79. MoneypexPos

      Perfect to cheat on a zoom exam!

    80. Xxxx Big Rich

      Wowzerz ‼️💉💻

    81. Sascha Kaufmann

      If you belong to the people who like to reinstall windows from time to time i strongly advice not buying this notebook as you will probably not be able to install the screenpad if you dont have the factory OS installed. At least thats the case with the Zenbook Pro 15 (UX580GD).

    82. J vS

      'Cept for us poor, perpetually left out lefties.... 😠

    83. Sachin Singh

      Lefties wouldn’t appreciate this laptop 🧑‍💻

    84. Rahul Surana

      I want studio tour

    85. Michael Ellis

      i like the oled led display tv video

    86. Björn Färber

      I guess they ditched those lefthanders. All lefties! CONVERT CONVERT! It is like the 50's or shall we say 20's. Myself, a rightie so I'll buy it straight away haha


      Good for online exams


      Hey if i subscribe to your channel will you give me this laptop

    89. Richard Newman

      how does a tech guru not know how to type.... I love it.

    90. Faan Louw

      Very nicely done ASUS, left handed people are immediately excluded.

    91. HOOPS

      For students : you can actually cheat in exams without evan letting your family know XD

    92. HelloDoI KnowYou?

      That could be useful for gaming and streaming if it had more power-you could read your chat on the bottom screen.

      1. HelloDoI KnowYou?

        @GTA Loony Agreed, I’d love it.

      2. GTA Loony

        Would be perfect

    93. frank lee

      Bruh this is so useful for uni for a assignment

    94. Sonic Acoustics

      Wow! That was really amazing! :) Cool product from ASUS! :)

    95. gsk

      Every one talks about Apple here but what apple fans don't know is this tech is there in many laptops before Apple introduce touch bar and called they invented it first. (as always)

    96. Dante Kay

      Price price price. Please mention prices.

    97. Terence Ng

      is anyone notice his filming area looks like batman begin cave?

    98. Gabbish Lee

      As handle “sonen” mentioned on here I’d use the mini screen as a the terminal in coding. Seems like it would be super convenient ✌️

    99. ayush anand george

      Hope I get a iPhone for online class . I have been asking since last year.. I cannot afford 😓

    100. DR WRONG PUSH

      This will be good for ppl who love trading forex trading