Galaxy S21 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max

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    Which do you pick - Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra or iPhone 12 Pro Max?
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    1. Unbox Therapy

      iPhone 12 Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra?

      1. Bus Of Mauritius


      2. LateNight Rituals


      3. Bojhon Flavier

        Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra omg 😲

      4. Patrick O'Neill


      5. Roccos Videos

        @Μαριος Δεμπης noooo Apple much better Samsung looks like my crap

    2. CrissiVamps

      I am rocking my iPhone 12 and I LOOOVE it. Puls I had Samsung for many years and I just don’t like Android. iOS is my go to operating system

    3. Haig

      If apps were better integrated with android phones especially social media ones, android would be the superior phone in every single aspect.

    4. Sebastian bundrick

      It seems to me the iPhone and Samsung switched spots lmao, last year the iPhone blew the Samsung video out the water, and this year it’s the complete opposite, Samsung blew the iPhone out of the water video wise, but iPhone does better picture wise, while last year Samsung did better picture wise while iPhone did worse.

    5. J_ 524

      I don’t care about the camera. Please talk about the different ecosystems such as Apple Pay vs Samsung pay, how many years of software updates each gets, and which phone has more secure apps from the app/play store.

    6. Galaxy Gamer Youtube

      Ahhhh LEWWW , take it easy fam , Samsung is trying

    7. Megatón

      Flickery video on a $1000 + phone....? Apple, you have some work to do

    8. Ravindran Gopal

      Count me in Lew

    9. yohan_ oliver

      I'm an android user but if I have enough money, I will choose iOS

    10. Alpha1111100

      It was tight but I will go with the left. iphone

    11. Ollie .scoots

      Fair play well done Samsung

    12. Kingpin番ZI

      For vdo recording s21 because has more stability than iphone but to take pictures 12 pro max is better because of the detail it shows more detail of the snow than s21 ❤️ MY OPINION 🙏🏻

    13. Vian déclass

      Samsung team🔥🔥

    14. Vanguard Exile

      After watching im still gonna get pro max lmao


      can you check the Samsung Galaxy a21s it is the new one

    16. grumpy

      I just wish they made a s21e, a more compact phone like the s10e size or even a little bit smaller 😀

    17. Fyrdauz D Ace

      For some reason, if you send photos you took from an Apple to a Samsung, the quality is still good. Unlike Samsung when you send to Apple, it’s like the colour and details are loss.

    18. Ray Sanchez

      Dude is so awesome Batman lent him his armory to shoot this video.

    19. Christina

      Very challenging but i too liked the samsung 21 nice video lots of visial i need visual thank you

    20. King Mike

      Samsung had a glowup lol

    21. Inessa Smalenea

      Let's be honest, everyone buy iPhones just for the fact that they are way too expensive and they seem rich with them✋🏻

      1. Sebastian bundrick

        Definitely can say the same thing for Samsung fanboys lol

      2. Sebastian bundrick

        @Shepherd Kamumvuri finally

      3. Shepherd Kamumvuri

        Samsung is more expensive than Apple

    22. Zakaria Dalil

      Just got my Ultra. Happy so far!

    23. Shahrizal Hamid

      Thats why i bought S21 Ultra!

    24. Aplonicy Community

      How is this even comparable Samsung definitely won this

    25. Ryan Butler

      Crazy crazy I shoulda got the s21 😔

    26. Bhaskar Joshi

      All this video is about camera 😒

    27. ShockedPikachu

      They say that Iphone is just a camera with a phone on it. Take that as you will but Now that samsung has cought up in the camera department that would leave iphone with Nothing. Not even worth calling a camera 🤣 Truly sad.

    28. andrew pere

      I love the music in the background

    29. Gregory Stevens

      Can someone measure both phone screens and tell me the actual width in mm for both? (not the body width but the screen display width)

    30. YoSully

      LETSS GOO i got it correct ahhaa

    31. Louise Louie Soriano

      I hope i have one of them ❤❤

    32. Danny Shakil

      S21 ultra camera or iPhone 12 Pro max?

    33. Taha Badr

      Samsung ❤️❤️

    34. Abhishek Subedi


    35. Ams PaKHrin

      iPhone 12 Pro Max

    36. BigBaby Chan

      Apple is more realistic.

    37. Miramarensis

      One question for the S21U users, can you guys invoke the Google Assistant by just saying 'Hey Google' even when the phone is a few feet away? Also does a user have to disable Bixby or whatever Assistant Samsung provides in order to access Google Assistant each an every time I produce a query? Finally, does the 'Read It' function works acceptably well when browsing Chrome sites and while using the Google app that provides Discover, Snapshot, Search, Collections, etc.? Those are things I can use and enjoy with my venerable OnePlus 6 but it's getting a bit old and Samsung seems to provide the right replacement. Thanks in advance!

    38. Debanga Sarkar

      iPhone is better

    39. cgoodluck2000

      Now switch the two phones and do it again. Or put them one on top of the other. A little shade will alter alot.

    40. Dwayne Lewis

      Yeah for samsung

    41. Kristen Thomas

      I'm going back to my iPhone. 🤦🏽‍♀️ this lagging ,screen is blinking and freezing. I'm so disappointed in the Samsung Ultra 😞

    42. AS Fashion


    43. Louis Dr.

      Great video!

    44. Benjamin Mutua

      ..Me watching this from my LG V30+..LG lovers gimme a like...

    45. Suhaim Khalid

      you should at least write which side is which phone

    46. Henesii

      I prefer the darkness the samsung takes, just me, everything looks washed on the iphone

    47. Think no guessing

      Samsung don't even show the footprints on the snow and turns it into blue snow . So samsung lost the whole match. Don't even try it!

    48. icancalmdown YNWA

      Hey guys what keyboard is that in the video @11:56. Tried search your videos and just tried googling it. Looks amazing

    49. watching videos

      The first pic you showed on the right was the iPhone then you switch the other phone to the other side and now the iPhone was on the last and Samsung phone was on the right you switched it

    50. Pretty Nefarious

      This def made my decision easier. Samsung for the win!

    51. WUK Online

      Me watching all these comparisons knowing full well I have no intention of buying a Samsung phone

    52. Miguel Louis Zapanta

      Samsung camera’s always has more white in images than iPhones. But more color than looked pale is always better

    53. eduin

      excellent video.

    54. Unbox With Matt

      They're both great in different department. In my opinion, Apple got awesome friendly fast user interface while the Samsung has the best camera. Wish they do a collaboration to make the ultimate phone together

    55. SURKHAB

      @Unbox Therapy can you pls gift me any iphone plssssss

    56. Rubren Dumaual

      IPhone always on top! 💪💪💪

    57. Nihall A

      Who else found out the left was iphone after seeing the portrait mode a bit zoomed in.😅😅

    58. Guinio Penguin

      Makes me want to hike the Appalachian Trail again :) Those white blazes are the signature.

    59. Blyzix

      12:27 apple user

    60. JayK YC

      I knew it

    61. Dentart Mhs


    62. Bill14886

      If it wasn't for the blue in the snow the Ultra would take it all the time. Both are good, both have there plus & minuses. I'll take the Ultra

    63. alicia samuel

      S21 ultra all the way, its a beautiful monster.

    64. Basang VLOG

      Samsung Galaxy S21 ☺️😇

    65. Da Ruler 87

      I haven’t upgrade my phone I’m still usin my xs max, might have to get the s21 I like the 8k recording and full display screen

    66. _ That1DumPenguin

      i knew the right was samsung when it lost in night mode, they can never really get that right

    67. Ashley DeVries

      I knew it

    68. Chidiebere Nnamani

      Believe me, it’s high time these brands start to respond to comments here because these videos influence shopping choices

    69. hypnoticpenguin666

      No way! No video stabilization on iPhone 12?


      Galaxy is totally a good phone, but I still prefer to buy iPhone. Message from my xiaomi, type: CHEAP

    71. Bish Gaha

      Plz i need a phone and i perfer samsung 21ultra.. appreciate it

    72. Caa79

      Excellent comparison 👏

    73. comrade mohamed

      I feel like whats really makes apple so loved is simply the fan base , its a great company dont understand me wrong but i feel like they so much bs and alot of their fans still buying so idk i think its they're loyal or just buying cuz it looks cool "wich it does"

    74. Micah Bamaiyi

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    75. Ghost

      Lew you fake ass

    76. Shivam Bahuguna

      I did not see that coming..

    77. Bigphillz

      It was easy to tell but close

    78. Shemar Hundley

      I switched from a S21 Ultra to a 12 pro, I like both but that damn smoothness and security and interface of the iPhone is just damn good, I never take videos or photos so cameras are not important

    79. makisig gonzales

      Tbh samsung might have won in certain areas...but longevity wise? Performance wise? Speed wise? I have been a long time samsung user and switching to iphone really gave me an awesome experience

    80. mjplaying

      The Samsung just seems more cinematic

    81. Letechnoman3000

      Me looking this video with my S21 Ultra

    82. aldosv73

      O man, I just went and purchased an s21 ultra and I have to wait 3 weeks to get it. It's so popular it's on backorder. All thanks to you man. I love my note but this is better than the note and I can get a pen case and a pen for it, so no problem.

    83. AmanDeep

      S21 ultra .

    84. Klavierkunst - Davide Martello

      You should’ve put the new Sony Xperia there too :/

    85. korukoru

      Samsung better ;)

      1. korukoru

        I had the devices wrong as well lol

    86. Leon Athavan

      See I have used Both IOS and Android- And The issue I have With Samsung is - IF (If) you get the Snapdragon - its very consistent... But (Most part of the world you don’t) There is significant difference on how both Snapdragon & Samsun chips perform. & that’s kind of why I prefer iPhone - wherever you are you buy Apple - Its apple- I prefer Android as an OS , I enjoyed OnePlus - It is an amazing phone experience… but again with all the security issues - Now again I am planning to move back to IOS… End of the day I DO NOT CARE what I use - as long as My tools do what they supose to do - I buy that tool...

    87. Bethanie Bentley

      I've used Samsung for years and I love it. But I have airpods and an iPad witch I LOVE. I'm thinking of switching to the iPhone to make everything more cohesive. Plus I have lots of issues with my samsung and my airpods, they don't work as well or as quickly as they do with a iPhone/ my iPad.

    88. Theis Madsen

      I feel like it was very easy to see becuase of the color of photos and video and how the phones was focusing

    89. Peter Cholakov

      you have color problem on the right and still picked it up for winners wtf...

    90. مصطفى البياتي

      🎛⬜️⬜️ ⬜️⬜️⬜️ ⬜️⬜️⬜️ ⬜️⬜️⬜️

    91. Omar kh

      I prefer the Samsung

    92. A C

      Just wow! Nice content!

    93. Adam Yasin

      The bashful slipper neatly repeat because root dfly tremble till a plain fifth. shrill, alcoholic caravan

    94. M C

      What a great review! Thanks! I was leaning towards the right also.

    95. ameen king

      But iphone is best

    96. Khaled Ahmad Salar

      It was very easy to tell tbh. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    97. Hammad Masood

      Samsung 👑

    98. Dee Brit

      eat shit iphone pog

    99. Justin Pohleven

      Conclusion: both phones camera systems are great in their own way.

    100. XSML. GAMING

      Right is s20 ultra for shure