This Gaming Laptop is INSANE

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    GE66 Raider Dragonshield Limited Edition:
    The gaming laptop that's inspired by spaceships.
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    chill. by sakura Hz
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    1. Mike

      is this better than a desktop 2080?

    2. asi .official

      dear god . i want one of this ....

    3. ishana sharma

      Show us the RGB lu🥺

    4. Cameron Trigg

      Are razer gaming laptop worth buying?

    5. Jazz Meister

      I just ordered this 2 hours ago

    6. J Del Rio

      Hi great video ... Could you help me please...... i been thinking to update my actual computer and i want to buy this MSI computer (Msi Gs65 Stealth I9 9na 32gb 1tb Ssd Rtx2070 8g). I wonder if you can help me telliing me if i can connect 3 ADITIONAL monitors TO EXTEND my working space, so in that way includin the PC monitor i could have a total of 4 monitors: 1st extra monitor to the Hdmi Port 2nd extra monitor to the Mini Display Port 3rd extra monitor to the Type C thunder Bolt port Thanks again!... Please help meeee Bye

    7. Raja Manish Singh

      its my dream


      gud video

    9. iAmDeSac

      This room still confuses me

    10. a cunt

      very cool but my favorite is still the zephyrus duo

    11. SlimMcShadey

      Me: Nice! A gaming mouse is included. Also me: I'll try to overcome trypophobia

    12. Mountain Mobility Dispatch

      2699 is not that expensive.

    13. indian otaku kochikame


    14. R3D_ B4RON

      Ngl makes me remember when i played destiny

    15. Isaiah Santana

      Little did you know 3080 version here! 2 months later :x

    16. Scoped Assassin

      Him: ohoho we almost got me there Also him: shooting at the damn wall

    17. Martin Gonzalez

      RELOAD lol love the laptop

    18. Coty Guidry

      My Alienware M17 R2 has the 2080 Super Max-Q with 4TB NVMe ssd... 144 hz and I thought I had something high...but 300 hz is insane!. This thing is a beast

    19. Narutinn Uzumaki

      Yes dad i need this to study

    20. Roman Kozlovskiy

      i want a fucking rtx 3090 laptop with 4k oled 144hz the fuck?

    21. The Tops

      Lots of love from Afghanistan

    22. The Tops

      I love you every content

    23. BUG

      It's over $4k and they don't have a 30xx series??

    24. kunal sutar

      you are such a noob at COD ... LMAO

    25. MichaelYeuriNinMedina cuenta freak

      Jesus that gameplay hurt my eyes

    26. littlejohnny mobboss

      I am sold!!..

    27. firoz ishakk

      Lol. Now we all know after this video lew sucks at COD

    28. Ratna Kode


    29. Mr. Chicken Nugget

      My mate has like five bookshelves of laptop's. But which ones does he use?

    30. milan_roblox

      claim your i cant afford this ticket right here!

    31. A.

      Can you unbox 4k gaming laptop but affordable

    32. The M

      How was the fansound?

    33. curse Love

      What a shity review he did not even go I to details adout the laptop is it Nvidia 3080 or 3070 does it use Intel i7or i9 what a really shity review down vote😁

    34. shalaby

      A laptop with a skin

    35. Wael Al-Rayes


    36. Daniel OZ

      People who have a trypophobia and mouse design...

    37. Mayuresh Gawade

      You're so lucky to have Hands on Experience of new Devices



    39. Chethan Saj

      Seeing the mouse my Trypophobia jus kicked in😁

    40. grim uddi

      This call of duty not rainbow six sege

    41. Ilyas Farooq

      Love u bro buck up

    42. Shivanand. Tiwari

      i like this

    43. Sindhuja Sindhu


    44. balaji balu

      It looks like 2d illution

    45. Will-i-am Golden

      Over $5000 I want it but my wallet is having a heart attack

      1. naapsu Vaimne


    46. Rafi Views

      How long your studio🔥

    47. Sanjay Gowda

      We can only watch dis only KGup 😭

    48. Suman Das


    49. Lloyd Turner

      Horrible laptop. Not enough ports, screens too small. Crap gpu and probably a crappy 6 core cpu...?

      1. Jomito 8

        Bro ports for what. Of course 3080 would be cooler but that wouldnt be any architecture change. The laptop is completely ok

    50. Pankaj Chauhan

      Dedo bhaiya....


      bro why you hard scoping so hard XD

    52. Born 2 Win

      Good graphics and still blindly misses an enemy at 6:26 😂😂😖

    53. SOAR_ACEx

      Everything is insane here

    54. daseptic eye

      The fact that he doesnt reload immediately gives me anxiety

      1. Apek Hishe

        @Hentai Dude ayyoo ur pfp tho

      2. Hentai Dude

        XD true

    55. David Mendez

      If you are willing to donate this laptop to me let me know. I would love this laptop to get me back into gaming! Just hmu

    56. Brooklyn Gamer

      its fucking bad he doesn't even know anything about that pure shittty video

    57. flame plays game

      Aaa that figure litt

    58. soumyajyoti seth

      can i play snake in this laptop?

    59. Naveed Mazhar

      Not gonna buy this waiting for my 3080 to come and I won't need this old technology


      Everything is marketing

    61. Shiro Neko

      Ah Watching things which I can't afford Never gets old ( ̄. ̄)

    62. Safwan Khan

      This is very eye pleasing

    63. AUM

      send that mouse here

    64. Anon P

      WTF? You're shooting your teammates, you clearly do not game. This is like watching my grandad try and use a laptop/play games. Unbox is such a boomer.

    65. JayBeast

      I will never see those lobbies

    66. Tanveer Ahmad

      how would it preform on games like(emulator pubg mobile)

    67. Ansh Arora

      Review in batman cave

    68. demonvinci 12

      No Fire Strike?

    69. Adams Angels

      Hey Lewis what’s it like to work with a green screen

    70. Barta Bhaus

      That’s one ugly painted laptop

      1. Barta Bhaus

        Hentai Dude why can’t I afford it?

      2. Hentai Dude

        Lol can u afford it? That's a no

    71. Faqih Hms

      But can it run Cyberpunk 2077?

    72. Raj Gill

      Know why they're doing this? 30 series laptops are coming soon

    73. jarn hollows

      wtf is this guy on ab hes just rambling on random bullshit

    74. octavian dumitru

      What game is it ?

    75. ge4orcetrauma

      play fortnite and turn all settings to max with rtx and see how it goes

    76. Peter Mathew Van Aardt


    77. zenalotz

      He has never played cod in his life.

    78. Vinh Nguyen

      MSI should change the dragon logo to something more lowkey.

    79. Isaias Perez

      "Very nice mobile gaming experirance"- unbox therapy 2020

    80. Sithun Biyanvila

      i dont know why, but this review feels like FAKE.

    81. Samarth Maitri

      In future, would you unbox covid vacine

    82. sokka

      me watching on a Lenovo slim

    83. jojo jovi1

      Coool where the dragon custom design ones?

    84. DatAviation

      Missed opportunity to parter with spacex and call it the crew dragon...

    85. Rob Wallace

      When the world reboots I'm looking for a gaming laptop for my biz travel. ESO & EVE Online from hotels. Not awesome. But better than nothing.

    86. Kyudo Kun

      This guy obviously doesn't know how to play cod games. I wonder what type of games he's playing.

    87. p9p KILLER

      The price of the laptop = $5359 : It will took me 15 years to buy it and I am from Africa ( I think I need to shut up, you people you lucky who can afford things like this 😁😁

      1. Hentai Dude

        And my American friend can't afford a pc like mine So it doesn't matter if you're from African or American duh

      2. Hentai Dude

        I'm from Tunisia (Northern-Africa country) and i have a full gaming setup :/

    88. Rodney Preston

      The uppity flat summarily remind because panther indisputably concern under a large metal. moldy, foolish debtor

    89. sptsmrkhre

      well, damn.

    90. MinatoAce

      Lew gotta work on the movement and don't hard ads so much... anyway GG bro

    91. Mr Maw


    92. Mr Maw


    93. Mr Maw


    94. Mr Maw


    95. Mr Maw

      Please give it to me

    96. Mr Maw

      I don't know that u have a big hear to give it to me or not

    97. Mr Maw

      Don't i sound like an poor gay

    98. Mr Maw

      Or any other gaming lap

    99. Mr Maw

      No one gave me any thing

    100. Mr Maw

      Give it to me Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee